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Useful Tools for Structural Equation Modeling

auxiliaryImplement Saturated Correlates with FIML
AVECalculate average variance extracted
BootMiss-classClass For the Results of Bollen-Stine Bootstrap with...
bsBootMissBollen-Stine Bootstrap with the Existence of Missing Data
calculate.D2Calculate the "D2" statistic
chisqSmallNSmall-_N_ correction for chi^2 test statistic
clipboardCopy or save the result of 'lavaan' or 'FitDiff' objects into...
combinequarkCombine the results from the quark function
compareFitBuild an object summarizing fit indices across multiple...
compRelSEMComposite Reliability using SEM
dat2waySimulated Dataset to Demonstrate Two-way Latent Interaction
dat3waySimulated Dataset to Demonstrate Three-way Latent Interaction
datCatSimulated Data set to Demonstrate Categorical Measurement...
discriminantValidityCalculate discriminant validity statistics
EFA-classClass For Rotated Results from EFA
efa.ekcEmpirical Kaiser criterion
efaUnrotateAnalyze Unrotated Exploratory Factor Analysis Model
exLongSimulated Data set to Demonstrate Longitudinal Measurement...
findRMSEApowerFind the statistical power based on population RMSEA
findRMSEApowernestedFind power given a sample size in nested model comparison
findRMSEAsamplesizeFind the minimum sample size for a given statistical power...
findRMSEAsamplesizenestedFind sample size given a power in nested model comparison
FitDiff-classClass For Representing A Template of Model Fit Comparisons
fmiFraction of Missing Information.
htmtAssessing Discriminant Validity using Heterotrait-Monotrait...
imposeStartSpecify starting values from a lavaan output
indProdMake products of indicators using no centering, mean...
kdGenerate data via the Kaiser-Dickman (1962) algorithm.
kurtosisFinding excessive kurtosis
lavaan2emmeans'emmeans' Support Functions for 'lavaan' Models
lavaan.mi-classClass for a lavaan Model Fitted to Multiple Imputations
lavTestLRT.miLikelihood Ratio Test for Multiple Imputations
lavTestScore.miScore Test for Multiple Imputations
lavTestWald.miWald Test for Multiple Imputations
loadingFromAlphaFind standardized factor loading from coefficient alpha
longInvariance-deprecatedMeasurement Invariance Tests Within Person
lrv2ordCalculate Population Moments for Ordinal Data Treated as...
mardiaKurtosisFinding Mardia's multivariate kurtosis
mardiaSkewFinding Mardia's multivariate skewness
maximalReliaCalculate maximal reliability
measEq.syntaxSyntax for measurement equivalence
measEq.syntax-classClass for Representing a Measurement-Equivalence Model
measurementInvarianceCat-deprecatedMeasurement Invariance Tests for Categorical Items
measurementInvariance-deprecatedMeasurement Invariance Tests
miPowerFitModification indices and their power approach for model fit...
modindices.miModification Indices for Multiple Imputations
monteCarloCIMonte Carlo Confidence Intervals to Test Functions of...
moreFitIndicesCalculate more fit indices
mvrnonnormGenerate Non-normal Data using Vale and Maurelli (1983)...
netNesting and Equivalence Testing
Net-classClass For the Result of Nesting and Equivalence Testing
nullRMSEACalculate the RMSEA of the null model
parcelAllocationRandom Allocation of Items to Parcels in a Structural...
partialInvariancePartial Measurement Invariance Testing Across Groups
PAVrankingParcel-Allocation Variability in Model Ranking
permuteMeasEqPermutation Randomization Tests of Measurement Equivalence...
permuteMeasEq-classClass for the Results of Permutation Randomization Tests of...
plausibleValuesPlausible-Values Imputation of Factor Scores Estimated from a...
plotProbePlot a latent interaction
plotRMSEAdistPlot the sampling distributions of RMSEA
plotRMSEApowerPlot power curves for RMSEA
plotRMSEApowernestedPlot power of nested model RMSEA
poolMAllocPooled estimates and standard errors across M...
probe2WayMCProbing two-way interaction on the no-centered or...
probe2WayRCProbing two-way interaction on the residual-centered latent...
probe3WayMCProbing three-way interaction on the no-centered or...
probe3WayRCProbing three-way interaction on the residual-centered latent...
reliability-deprecatedComposite Reliability using SEM
reliabilityL2-deprecatedCalculate the reliability values of a second-order factor
residualCovariateResidual-center all target indicators by covariates
rotateImplement orthogonal or oblique rotation
runMIFit a lavaan Model to Multiple Imputed Data Sets
semToolssemTools: Useful Tools for Structural Equation Modeling
semTools-deprecatedDeprecated functions in package 'semTools'.
simParcelSimulated Data set to Demonstrate Random Allocations of...
singleParamTestSingle Parameter Test Divided from Nested Model Comparison
skewFinding skewness
splitSampleRandomly Split a Data Set into Halves
SSpowerPower for model parameters
tukeySEMTukey's WSD post-hoc test of means for unequal variance and...
twostageFit a lavaan model using 2-Stage Maximum Likelihood (TSML)...
twostage-classClass for the Results of 2-Stage Maximum Likelihood (TSML)...
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