Observations of ozone concentration levels.


These data and subsequent description are drawn from the spTimer package (version 0.7). This data set contains values of daily 8-hour maximum average ozone concentrations (ppb; O3.8HRMAX), maximum temperature (degree Celsius; cMAXTMP), wind speed (knots; WDSP), and relative humidity (RM), obtained from 28 monitoring sites in New York, USA, between July 1 and August 31 in 2006. Each row represents a station and columns hold consecutive daily values.




Columns for NYdata:

  • 1st col = Longitude

  • 2nd col = Latitude

  • 3rd col = X coordinates in UTM projection

  • 4th col = Y coordinates in UTM projection

  • 5th col = Ozone July 1 (O3.8HRMAX.1)

  • 6th col = Ozone July 2 (O3.8HRMAX.2)

  • ...

  • 66th col = Ozone August 31 (O3.8HRMAX.62)

  • remaining columns organize cMAXTMP, WDSP, and RH identical to the 62 O3.8HRMAX measurements


spTimer Bakar, K.S. and S.K. Sahu. http://www.southampton.ac.uk/~sks/research/papers/spTimeRpaper.pdf

Sahu, S.K. and K.S. Bakar. (2012) A Comparison of Bayesian Models for Daily Ozone Concentration Levels. Statistical Methodology, 9, 144–157.

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