Man pages for stortingscrape
Access Data from the Norwegian Parliament API

casesStorting cases in the 2019-2020 session
covid_reliefVote id 85196
covid_relief_resultVote id 85196 results
get_all_committeesParliamentary committees over all sessions
get_all_partiesAll parliamentary parties
get_caseRetreive a parliamentary case
get_countiesGet list of MPs in a given parliamentary period
get_decision_votesRetreive vote decision for a specified vote
get_hearing_inputRetrieve the hearing input for a specified hearing
get_hearing_programRetrieve the hearing program for a specified hearing
get_meeting_agendaRetreive agenda for a specified meeting
get_mpExtract information on specific MPs
get_mp_bioExtract biography of specific MPs
get_mp_picRetrieve picture of specific MPs
get_parlperiod_mpsGet list of MPs in a given parliamentary period
get_parlperiod_presidencyGet list of presidency in a given parliamentary period
get_parlperiodsGet Parliamentary Periods
get_parlsessionsGet Parliamentary Sessions
get_proceedingsAll parliamentary proceedings
get_proposal_votesRetreive all votes for a specified vote proposal
get_publicationRetrieve a specific publication
get_questionParliamentary question
get_question_hourRetrieve question hour details for a specified meeting
get_result_voteRetrieve vote results on MP level for a specified vote
get_session_casesCases in specified session
get_session_committeesParliamentary committees in specified session
get_session_decisionsRetrieve all decisions for a specified session
get_session_delegationsParliamentary delegations in specified session
get_session_hearingsRetrieve hearings in specified session
get_session_meetingsRetrieve all meetings for a specified parliamentary session
get_session_mp_speech_activityRetrieve all speech activity from one MP for a given session
get_session_partiesParliamentary parties in specified session
get_session_publicationsRetrieve publications of a type in a parliamentary session
get_session_questionsParliamentary questions in a session
get_topicsGet list of topics and sub-topics for the Norwegian...
get_voteRetreive votes for a specific case
get_written_hearing_inputRetrieve written input for a specified hearing
interp0203Interpellations from the 2002-2003
mps4549Members of parliament from the 1945-1949
parl_periodsParliamentary periods
parl_sessionsParliamentary sessions
read_obtRead Oslo-Bergen-Tagger processed files into R
voteMeta data on votes of case id 78686
vote_resultRoll call vote results for vote ids 15404, 15405, and 15406
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