get_hearing_program: Retrieve the hearing program for a specified hearing

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get_hearing_programR Documentation

Retrieve the hearing program for a specified hearing


A function for retrieving the hearing program for a specified hearing. The earlier periods (around 2005 and back) are less rich with data on some variables


get_hearing_program(hearingid = NA, good_manners = 0)



Character string indicating the id of the hearing to retrieve.


Integer. Seconds delay between calls when making multiple calls to the same function


A data.frame with the following variables:

response_date Date of data retrieval
version Data version from the API
hearing_id Id of the hearing
hearing_type Type of hearing
committee_id Id of committee responsible for the hearing
hearing_program_date Date hearing program
hearing_program_footnote Footnote for hearing program
order_number Order number for the hearing program element
text Description of the hearing participant
time_indication Time stamp for participant hearing input
date Date of participant input in hearing

See Also

get_session_hearings get_hearing_input get_written_hearing_input


## Not run: 
s0910 <- get_session_hearings("2009-2010")
hearing <- get_hearing_program(s0910$hearing$hearing_id[1])

## End(Not run)

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