get_case: Retreive a parliamentary case

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Retreive a parliamentary case


A function for retrieving single parliamentary case by id.


get_case(caseid = NA, good_manners = 0)



Character string indicating the id of the case to request


Integer. Seconds delay between calls when making multiple calls to the same function


A list with seven data frame elements:

  1. $root (main data on the case)

    response_date Date of data retrieval
    version Data version from the API
    document_group Case document group type
    finalized Whether the case finalized
    reference Relevant publication references
    id Case id
    req_text Recommendation (proposal) text
    committee_id Id of committee handling the case
    title_short Case short title
    decision_short Case decision_short
    parenthesis_text Case parenthesis text
    case_number Case number
    session_id Session id
    proceedings_id Type of proceeding id
    proceedings_name Type of proceeding name
    status Status for case
    title Case title (long)
    type Case type
    decision_text Decision text
  2. $topic (the topics related to the case)

    is_main_topic Is this (row) the main topic?
    main_topic_id Id for main topic
    id Topic id
    navn Topic name
  3. $publication_references (references for publications on the case)

    export_id Id for export of publication (used in ?get_publication)
    link_text Publication title
    link_url URL to publication
    type Publication type
    subtype Publication subtype (chamber)
  4. $proposers (MPs behind case proposal, when relevant)

    mp_id MPs id
    party_id Party id of MPs
    sub_mp Whether MPs are substitutes
  5. $proceeding_steps (case proceeding steps)

    step_name Name of steps
    step_number Step order for case
    outdated Whether the step type is outdated
  6. $spokespersons (all MPs that are spokespersons for the case)

    mp_id MPs id
    party_id Party id of MPs
    sub_mp Whether MPs are substitutes
  7. $keywords (all keywords associated with the case)

    keyword Keywords for the case

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## Not run: 

# Get one case
case <- get_case("30233")

# Get multiple cases
cases <- lapply(c("30233", "30362", "30234", "30236"), get_case, good_manners = 2)
cases_root <- lapply(cases, function(x) x$root)
cases_root <-, cases_root)

cases_keywords <- lapply(1:nrow(cases_root), function(x){
  tmp <- cases[[x]]$keywords
  tmp$case_id <- cases_root$id[x]
cases_keywords <-, cases_keywords)

## End(Not run)

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