stylo: Functions for a Variety of Stylometric Analyses

A number of functions, supplemented by GUI, to perform various analyses in the field of computational stylistics, authorship attribution, etc.

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AuthorMaciej Eder, Jan Rybicki, Mike Kestemont
Date of publication2016-10-23 13:15:20
MaintainerMaciej Eder <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

assign.plot.colors: Assign colors to samples

classify: Machine-learning classification

crossv: Function to Perform Cross-Validation

define.plot.area: Define area for scatterplots

delete.markup: Delete HTML or XML tags

delete.stop.words: Exclude stop words (e.g. pronouns, particles, etc.) from a...

dist.cosine: Cosine Distance Delta Distance

dist.simple: Cosine Distance

galbraith: Table of word frequencies (Galbraith, Rowling, Cobenm,...

gui.classify: GUI for the function classify

gui.oppose: GUI for the function oppose

gui.stylo: GUI for stylo

lee: Table of word frequencies (Lee, Capote, Faulkner, Styron,...

load.corpus: Load text files

load.corpus.and.parse: Load text files and perform pre-processing

make.frequency.list: Make List of the Most Frequent Elements (e.g. Words)

make.ngrams: Make text n-grams

make.samples: Split text to samples

make.table.of.frequencies: Prepare a table of (relative) word frequencies

novels: A selection of 19th-century English novels

oppose: Contrastive analysis of texts

parse.corpus: Perform pre-processing (tokenization, n-gram extracting,...

parse.pos.tags: Extract POS-tags or Words from Annotated Corpora

perform.culling: Exclude variables (e.g. words, n-grams) from a frequency... Distance-based classifier

perform.impostors: An Authorship Verification Classifier Known as the Impostors...

perform.knn: k-Nearest Neighbor classifier

perform.naivebayes: Naive Bayes classifier

perform.nsc: Nearest Shrunken Centroids classifier

perform.svm: Support Vector Machines classifier

rolling.classify: Sequential machine-learning classification Sequential stylometric analysis

stylo: Stylometric multidimensional analyses

stylo.default.settings: Setting variables for the package stylo

stylo.pronouns: List of pronouns Split string of words or other countable features Split text into words Split text into words: extended version

zeta.chisquare: Compare two subcorpora using a home-brew variant of Craig's...

zeta.craig: Compare two subcorpora using Craig's Zeta

zeta.eder: Compare two subcorpora using Eder's Zeta


assign.plot.colors Man page
classify Man page
crossv Man page
define.plot.area Man page
delete.markup Man page
delete.stop.words Man page
dist.argamon Man page
dist.cosine Man page Man page
dist.eder Man page
dist.simple Man page
galbraith Man page
gui.classify Man page
gui.oppose Man page
gui.stylo Man page
lee Man page
load.corpus Man page
load.corpus.and.parse Man page
make.frequency.list Man page
make.ngrams Man page
make.samples Man page
make.table.of.frequencies Man page
novels Man page
oppose Man page
parse.corpus Man page
parse.pos.tags Man page
perform.culling Man page Man page
perform.impostors Man page
perform.knn Man page
perform.naivebayes Man page
perform.nsc Man page
perform.svm Man page
rolling.classify Man page Man page
stylo Man page
stylo.default.settings Man page
stylo.package Man page
stylo.pronouns Man page Man page Man page Man page
zeta.chisquare Man page
zeta.craig Man page
zeta.eder Man page


R/perform.impostors.R R/load.corpus.R R/gui.stylo.R R/ R/dist.eder.R R/crossv.R R/ R/print.stylo.corpus.R R/zeta.craig.R R/stylo.default.settings.R R/delete.markup.R R/rolling.classify.r R/stylo.pronouns.R R/dist.simple.R R/zeta.chisquare.R R/perform.knn.R R/load.corpus.and.parse.R R/make.ngrams.R R/parse.pos.tags.R R/ R/perform.nsc.R R/dist.argamon.R R/delete.stop.words.R R/summary.stylo.corpus.R R/perform.naivebayes.R R/ R/perform.svm.R R/parse.corpus.R R/make.frequency.list.R R/ R/ R/zeta.eder.R R/print.stylo.results.R R/gui.classify.R R/draw.polygons.R R/gui.oppose.R R/oppose.R R/make.table.of.frequencies.R R/perform.culling.R R/dist.cosine.R R/make.frequency.list.optimized.R R/assign.plot.colors.R R/stylo.R R/make.samples.R R/classify.R R/define.plot.area.R R/summary.stylo.results.R R/ R/zzz.R
man/perform.naivebayes.Rd man/ man/perform.nsc.Rd man/stylo.pronouns.Rd man/stylo.Rd man/load.corpus.and.parse.Rd man/make.table.of.frequencies.Rd man/delete.stop.words.Rd man/gui.oppose.Rd man/zeta.craig.Rd man/parse.corpus.Rd man/perform.knn.Rd man/perform.culling.Rd man/ man/make.frequency.list.Rd man/galbraith.Rd man/classify.Rd man/dist.cosine.Rd man/zeta.chisquare.Rd man/zeta.eder.Rd man/perform.impostors.Rd man/gui.classify.Rd man/define.plot.area.Rd man/load.corpus.Rd man/perform.svm.Rd man/ man/ man/dist.simple.Rd man/make.samples.Rd man/make.ngrams.Rd man/parse.pos.tags.Rd man/rolling.classify.Rd man/stylo.default.settings.Rd man/novels.Rd man/crossv.Rd man/delete.markup.Rd man/oppose.Rd man/ man/assign.plot.colors.Rd man/lee.Rd man/gui.stylo.Rd man/

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