Man pages for stylo
Stylometric Multivariate Analyses

assign.plot.colorsAssign colors to samples
change.encodingChange character encoding
check.encodingCheck character encoding in corpus folder
classifyMachine-learning supervised classification
crossvFunction to Perform Cross-Validation
define.plot.areaDefine area for scatterplots
delete.markupDelete HTML or XML tags
delete.stop.wordsExclude stop words (e.g. pronouns, particles, etc.) from a...
dist.cosineCosine Distance
dist.deltaDelta Distance
dist.entropyEntropy Distance
dist.minmaxMin-Max Distance (aka Ruzicka Distance)
dist.simpleCosine Distance
dist.wurzburgCosine Delta Distance (aka Wurzburg Distance)
galbraithTable of word frequencies (Galbraith, Rowling, Cobenm,...
gui.classifyGUI for the function classify
gui.opposeGUI for the function oppose
gui.styloGUI for stylo
impostersAuthorship Verification Classifier Known as the Imposters...
imposters.optimizeTuning Parameters for the Imposters Method
leeTable of word frequencies (Lee, Capote, Faulkner, Styron,...
load.corpusLoad text files
load.corpus.and.parseLoad text files and perform pre-processing
make.frequency.listMake List of the Most Frequent Elements (e.g. Words)
make.ngramsMake text n-grams
make.samplesSplit text to samples
make.table.of.frequenciesPrepare a table of (relative) word frequencies
novelsA selection of 19th-century English novels
opposeContrastive analysis of texts
parse.corpusPerform pre-processing (tokenization, n-gram extracting,...
parse.pos.tagsExtract POS-tags or Words from Annotated Corpora
performance.measuresAccuracy, Precision, Recall, and the F Measure
perform.cullingExclude variables (e.g. words, n-grams) from a frequency...
perform.deltaDistance-based classifier
perform.impostorsAn Authorship Verification Classifier Known as the Impostors...
perform.knnk-Nearest Neighbor classifier
perform.naivebayesNaive Bayes classifier
perform.nscNearest Shrunken Centroids classifier
perform.svmSupport Vector Machines classifier
plot.sample.sizePlot Classification Accuracy for Short Text Samples
rolling.classifySequential machine-learning classification
rolling.deltaSequential stylometric analysis
size.penalizeTesting Minimal Sample Size for Text Classification
styloStylometric multidimensional analyses
stylo.default.settingsSetting variables for the package stylo
stylo.networkBootstrap consensus networks, with D3 visualization
stylo.pronounsList of pronouns string of words or other countable features text into words text into words: extended version
zeta.chisquareCompare two subcorpora using a home-brew variant of Craig's...
zeta.craigCompare two subcorpora using Craig's Zeta
zeta.ederCompare two subcorpora using Eder's Zeta
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