printMetabolite-methods: Print Rows of the Stoichiometric Matrix

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Print the rows of the stoichiometric matrix or an FBA model in CPLEX LP file format.


## S4 method for signature 'modelorg'
printMetabolite(object, met, FBAlp = FALSE, printOut = TRUE, ...)



An object of class modelorg.


A numeric or character vector containing the metabolite id's of metabolites to print out. If missing, all metabolites given in the model are used.


A single logical value. If set to TRUE, the output will be in CPLEX LP file format, including the objective function given in the model and reaction bounds. Additionally, if set to TRUE, argument met will be ignored; all metabolites present in the model are used. See also Details.
Default: FALSE.


A single Boolean value. If set to TRUE, the desired reactions will be printed via the cat function.
Default: TRUE.


Further arguments passed to cat, e.g. argument file.


Metabolite id's beginning with a digit or period will be prefixed by the letter "r", reaction id's beginning with a digit or period will be prefixed by the letter "x" and square brackets in reaction or metabolite id's will be replaced by round brackets.


The modelorg method returns a character vector of length equal to the number of metabolites given in argument met, invisibly. Each string represents the reaction participation of one particular metabolite.


signature(object = "modelorg")

method to use with objects of class modelorg.


Gabriel Gelius-Dietrich <>

Maintainer: Mayo Roettger <>

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Class modelorg

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