as.prEntries: Promote a Data Frame to a 'prentries' Object

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Promote a data frame to a prEntries object, containing plot-ready table entries. This is an internal function not intended to be called by package users.





An object inheriting from data.frame. Each row contains the content, location, and graphical properties of one table entry. Columns must include all those required for a tblEntries object (see dfSpecs), plus all the graphical properties required to display an entry (see grSpecs).


Normally plot-ready entries are created from a tblEntries object via function prEntries. This function allows them to be created or edited directly in a data frame, without necessarily using a predefined style.

Columns arow1, arow2, acol1 and acol2 refer to row and column numbers in the augmented row-column grid of the table; see adim for more information.

The graphical properties required for a plot-ready entry, and their types, are defined in object grSpecs.

If not present, logical column enabled will be added with value TRUE for all entries whose text is not NA or empty. If attribute current_scale is not present, it will be added with a value of 1.0. If attribute rowheadInside is not present, it will be added with a value of NA.

If x is already a prEntries object, this function does some validity checks. If x is NULL, a valid but empty prEntries object is returned.


An object of S3 classes prEntries, tblEntries, and data.frame. See function prEntries for a full description of the class.

See Also

prEntries, tblEntries

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