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Presentation-Quality Tables, Displayed Using 'ggplot2'

acolColumn Numbers Within the Augmented Row-Column Grid for a...
addBlockDefine a New Block of Cells in a Table
addHvruleAdd a Horizontal or Vertical Rule (Hvrule) to a Table
add_refmarkAdd a Reference Mark to a Character Vector or Matrix
addRefmarkAdd a Reference Mark to Entries in a Table
adimDimensions of the Augmented Row-Column Grid for a Table
adjacent_blocksIdentify Adjacent Blocks of Table Cells
angle_adjHorizontal and Vertical Dimensions of a Rectangle after...
apply_scaleApply a Scale Factor to Table Elements
apply_styleApply a Style to Table Elements
arowRow Numbers Within the Augmented Row-Column Grid for a Table
as.dfObjPromote a Data Frame to Another Object Class
as.prBlocksPromote a Data Frame to a 'prblocks' Object
as.prEntriesPromote a Data Frame to a 'prentries' Object
as.prHvrulesPromote a Data Frame to a 'prhvrules' Object
as.tblBlocksPromote a Data Frame to a 'tblblocks' Object
as.tblEntriesPromote a Data Frame to a 'tblentries' Object
blocksExtract the 'prblocks' Object from a Plot-Ready or Plotted...
blocks-setterUpdate the Blocks of a Plot-Ready or Plotted Table
calc_rcsizeConstrained Display Sizes of Each Table Row, Column and Entry
coord_justifCalculate X, y Positions and H|vjust Values for Entries
df_from_specCreate a Data Frame from a Specification
dfSpecsSpecifications for Fields Used in Certain Object Classes
element_blockSpecify Visual Properties for Table Blocks
element_entrySpecify Visual Properties for Table Entries and their Cells
element_hvruleSpecify Visual Properties for Table Rules
element_refmarkSpecify a Reference Mark that can be Added to Table Entries
elementsExtract Table Elements from a Plotted Table
entriesExtract the 'prentries' Object from a Plot-Ready or Plotted...
entries_by_blockFind the Entries that are Contained Within a Set of Table...
entries-setterUpdate the Table Entries of a Plot-Ready or Plotted Table
entrySize_mmCalculate the Sizes of Table Entries, in Mm
eval_conditionsEvaluate a Set of Logical Conditions Within a Data Frame
fill_NA_idxIndices to Impute NA Elements of a Vector by LOCF
format_xtableFormat Entries in an 'xtable' into Character Strings
grSpecsSpecifications for Graphical Properties for an Element Type
headerRunsRuns of Repeated Values in a Header Matrix
hvrulesExtract the 'prhvrules' Object from a Plot-Ready or Plotted...
hvrules-setterUpdate the Hvrules of a Plot-Ready or Plotted Table
idsGet the Identifier Strings for Parts or Elements of a Table
iris2A Reshaped Version of Anderson's Iris Data
iris2_tabTable of Summary Statistics for Anderson's Iris Data
Lbrk.textTableExtract a Subset of a 'texttable' Object
make_header_entriesConvert a Matrix of Headers to Table Entries, with Merging of...
make_rowgroupsGroup Rows of a Table into Sets of Fixed Size
mtcars_xtabTable of Data from Motor Trend Magazine
notANumberIdentify Strings that Cannot be Interpreted as Numbers
paste_textPaste Strings that may Include 'plotmath' or Markdown
plot.pltdTableDisplay a 'pltdtable' Object on a Graphics Device
plot.prEntriesA Plot Method for 'prentries' Objects
plot.prTableA Plot Method for 'prtable' Objects
plot.tabularA Plot Method for 'tabular' Objects
plot.tblEntriesA Plot Method for 'tblentries' Objects
plot.textTableA Plot Method for 'texttable' Objects
pltdSizeWidth and Height of a 'pltdtable' Object
prBlocksAssign Graphical Properties to Table Blocks
prefix_textAdd or Remove the Prefix Associated with 'textspec' Values
prEntriesAssign Graphical Properties to Table Entries
prHvrulesCreate Hvrules and Assign Them Graphical Properties
print.pltdTablePrint (Draw) a 'pltdtable' Object
print.summary.pltdTablePrint the Dimensions and Display Options of a Plotted Table
print.summary.textTablePrint the Dimensions of a Table and Its Parts
propsa-setterUpdate Graphical Properties for Selected Table Elements
propsd-setterUpdate Graphical Properties for Selected Table Elements
props_modUpdate Graphical Properties for Selected Table Elements
props-setterUpdate Graphical Properties for Selected Table Elements
prTableCreate or Update a Fully Styled Table Ready for Plotting
prTable.pltdTableExtract/Update a Plot-Ready Table from a Plotted Table
prTable.prEntriesCreate a Plot-Ready Table from Plot-Ready Entry, Block, and...
rowhead_insideMove the Outermost Layer of Row Headers Inside a Table
sci_fmt_pmConvert ASCII Scientific Notation into 'plotmath' Form
spec_from_text'textspec' Values Based on String Prefixes
styleObjCreate a Style Object
styles_pkgBuilt-In Styles for Table Elements
summary.pltdTableSummarize the Dimensions and Options of a Plotted Table
summary.textTableSummarize the Dimensions of a Table and Its Parts
tablesggPresentation-Quality Tables, Displayed Using 'ggplot2'
tablesggOptGet or Reset Package Options
tablesggSetOptSet the Values of Package Options
tblBlocksDefine Blocks of Cells that Reflect the Logical Structure of...
tblEntriesAssemble Information About Each Entry in a Table into a Data...
tblHvrulesCreate Horizontal and Vertical Rules for a Table
tblPartsExtract Dimensions of the Various Parts of a Table
textTableCreate a Structure Representing a 2D Table a 'texttable' as a Simple Listing of a Data Frame
textTable.defaultCreate a 'texttable' Object from a Suitable List
textTable.ftableCreate a 'texttable' from an 'ftable'
textTable.matrixCreate a 'texttable' from a Matrix
textTable.tableCreate a 'texttable' from a 'table' or 'xtabs' Object
textTable.tabularCreate a 'texttable' from a 'tabular' Object
textTable.tblEntriesReconstruct a 'texttable' Object from a 'tblentries' Object
textTable.xtableCreate a 'texttable' from an 'xtable' Object
textTable.xtableListCreate a 'texttable' from an 'xtablelist' Object
tli_xtabTable of Test Scores and Demographics for 20 Students
undo_rowhead_insideReverse the Effect of 'rowhead_inside'
update.pltdTableUpdate a 'pltdtable' (Plotted Table) Object
update.prObjUpdate Style or Scale for Plot-Ready Table Elements
update.prTableUpdate a 'prtable' (Plot-Ready Table) Object
update.textTableUpdate a 'texttable' Object
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