ts_clean_vec: Replace Outliers & Missing Values in a Time Series

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Replace Outliers & Missing Values in a Time Series


This is mainly a wrapper for the outlier cleaning function, tsclean(), from the forecast R package. The ts_clean_vec() function includes arguments for applying seasonality to numeric vector (non-ts) via the period argument.


ts_clean_vec(x, period = 1, lambda = NULL)



A numeric vector.


A seasonal period to use during the transformation. If period = 1, seasonality is not included and supsmu() is used to fit a trend. If period > 1, a robust STL decomposition is first performed and a linear interpolation is applied to the seasonally adjusted data.


A box cox transformation parameter. If set to "auto", performs automated lambda selection.


Cleaning Outliers

  1. Non-Seasonal (period = 1): Uses stats::supsmu()

  2. Seasonal (period > 1): Uses forecast::mstl() with robust = TRUE (robust STL decomposition) for seasonal series.

To estimate missing values and outlier replacements, linear interpolation is used on the (possibly seasonally adjusted) series. See forecast::tsoutliers() for the outlier detection method.

Box Cox Transformation

In many circumstances, a Box Cox transformation can help. Especially if the series is multiplicative meaning the variance grows exponentially. A Box Cox transformation can be automated by setting lambda = "auto" or can be specified by setting ⁠lambda = numeric value⁠.


A numeric vector with the missing values and/or anomalies transformed to imputed values.


See Also

  • Box Cox Transformation: box_cox_vec()

  • Lag Transformation: lag_vec()

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# --- VECTOR ----

values <- c(1,2,3, 4*2, 5,6,7, NA, 9,10,11, 12*2)

# Linear interpolation + Outlier Cleansing
ts_clean_vec(values, period = 1, lambda = NULL)

# Seasonal Interpolation: set period = 4
ts_clean_vec(values, period = 4, lambda = NULL)

# Seasonal Interpolation with Box Cox Transformation (internal)
ts_clean_vec(values, period = 4, lambda = "auto")

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