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A Tool Kit for Working with Time Series

between_timeBetween (For Time Series): Range detection for date or...
bike_sharing_dailyDaily Bike Sharing Data
box_cox_vecBox Cox Transformation
condense_periodConvert the Period to a Lower Periodicity (e.g. Go from Daily...
diff_vecDifferencing Transformation
FANGStock prices for the "FANG" stocks.
filter_by_timeFilter (for Time-Series Data)
filter_periodApply filtering expressions inside periods (windows)
fourier_vecFourier Series
future_frameMake future time series from existing
is_date_classCheck if an object is a date class
lag_vecLag Transformation
log_interval_vecLog-Interval Transformation for Constrained Interval...
m4_dailySample of 4 Daily Time Series Datasets from the M4...
m4_hourlySample of 4 Hourly Time Series Datasets from the M4...
m4_monthlySample of 4 Monthly Time Series Datasets from the M4...
m4_quarterlySample of 4 Quarterly Time Series Datasets from the M4...
m4_weeklySample of 4 Weekly Time Series Datasets from the M4...
m4_yearlySample of 4 Yearly Time Series Datasets from the M4...
mutate_by_timeMutate (for Time Series Data)
normalize_vecNormalize to Range (0, 1)
pad_by_timeInsert time series rows with regularly spaced timestamps
parse_date2Fast, flexible date and datetime parsing
plot_acf_diagnosticsVisualize the ACF, PACF, and CCFs for One or More Time Series
plot_anomaly_diagnosticsVisualize Anomalies for One or More Time Series
plot_seasonal_diagnosticsVisualize Multiple Seasonality Features for One or More Time...
plot_stl_diagnosticsVisualize STL Decomposition Features for One or More Time...
plot_time_seriesInteractive Plotting for One or More Time Series
plot_time_series_boxplotInteractive Time Series Box Plots
plot_time_series_cv_planVisualize a Time Series Resample Plan
plot_time_series_regressionVisualize a Time Series Linear Regression Formula
required_pkgs.timetkS3 methods for tracking which additional packages are needed...
slice_periodApply slice inside periods (windows)
slidifyCreate a rolling (sliding) version of any function
slidify_vecRolling Window Transformation
smooth_vecSmoothing Transformation using Loess
standardize_vecStandardize to Mean 0, Standard Deviation 1 (Center & Scale)
step_box_coxBox-Cox Transformation using Forecast Methods
step_diffCreate a differenced predictor
step_fourierFourier Features for Modeling Seasonality
step_holiday_signatureHoliday Feature (Signature) Generator
step_log_intervalLog Interval Transformation for Constrained Interval...
step_slidifySlidify Rolling Window Transformation
step_slidify_augmentSlidify Rolling Window Transformation (Augmented Version)
step_smoothSmoothing Transformation using Loess
step_timeseries_signatureTime Series Feature (Signature) Generator
step_ts_cleanClean Outliers and Missing Data for Time Series
step_ts_imputeMissing Data Imputation for Time Series
step_ts_padPad: Add rows to fill gaps and go from low to high frequency
summarise_by_timeSummarise (for Time Series Data)
taylor_30_minHalf-hourly electricity demand
tidyevalTidy eval helpers
time_arithmeticAdd / Subtract (For Time Series)
time_series_cvTime Series Cross Validation
time_series_splitSimple Training/Test Set Splitting for Time Series
timetktimetk: Time Series Analysis in the Tidyverse
tk_acf_diagnosticsGroup-wise ACF, PACF, and CCF Data Preparation
tk_anomaly_diagnosticsAutomatic group-wise Anomaly Detection by STL Decomposition
tk_augment_differencesAdd many differenced columns to the data
tk_augment_fourierAdd many fourier series to the data
tk_augment_holidayAdd many holiday features to the data
tk_augment_lagsAdd many lags to the data
tk_augment_slidifyAdd many rolling window calculations to the data
tk_augment_timeseriesAdd many time series features to the data
tk_get_frequencyAutomatic frequency and trend calculation from a time series...
tk_get_holidayGet holiday features from a time-series index
tk_get_timeseriesGet date features from a time-series index
tk_get_timeseries_unit_frequencyGet the timeseries unit frequency for the primary time scales
tk_get_timeseries_variablesGet date or datetime variables (column names)
tk_indexExtract an index of date or datetime from time series...
tk_make_future_timeseriesMake future time series from existing
tk_make_holiday_sequenceMake daily Holiday and Weekend date sequences
tk_make_timeseriesIntelligent date and date-time sequence creation
tk_seasonal_diagnosticsGroup-wise Seasonality Data Preparation
tk_stl_diagnosticsGroup-wise STL Decomposition (Season, Trend, Remainder)
tk_summary_diagnosticsGroup-wise Time Series Summary
tk_tblCoerce time-series objects to tibble.
tk_time_scale_templateGet and modify the Time Scale Template
tk_time_series_cv_planTime Series Resample Plan Data Preparation
tk_tsCoerce time series objects and tibbles with date/date-time...
tk_ts_dispatch_S3 methods for ts method dispatch
tk_tsfeaturesTime series feature matrix (Tidy)
tk_xtsCoerce time series objects and tibbles with date/date-time...
tk_zooCoerce time series objects and tibbles with date/date-time...
tk_zooregCoerce time series objects and tibbles with date/date-time...
tk_zooreg_dispatch_S3 methods for zooreg method dispatch
ts_clean_vecReplace Outliers & Missing Values in a Time Series
ts_impute_vecMissing Value Imputation for Time Series
walmart_sales_weeklySample Time Series Retail Data from the Walmart Recruiting...
wikipedia_traffic_dailySample Daily Time Series Data from the Web Traffic...
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