new_data_frame: Assemble attributes for data frame construction

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new_data_frame() constructs a new data frame from an existing list. It is meant to be performant, and does not check the inputs for correctness in any way. It is only safe to use after a call to df_list(), which collects and validates the columns used to construct the data frame.





A named list of equal-length vectors. The lengths are not checked; it is responsibility of the caller to make sure they are equal.


Number of rows. If NULL, will be computed from the length of the first element of x.

..., class

Additional arguments for creating subclasses. The "names" and "row.names" attributes override input in x and n, respectively:

  • "names" is used if provided, overriding existing names in x

  • "row.names" is used if provided, if n is provided it must be consistent.

See Also

df_list() for a way to safely construct a data frame's underlying data structure from individual columns. This can be used to create a named list for further use by new_data_frame().


new_data_frame(list(x = 1:10, y = 10:1))

Example output

    x  y
1   1 10
2   2  9
3   3  8
4   4  7
5   5  6
6   6  5
7   7  4
8   8  3
9   9  2
10 10  1

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