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Vector Helpers

as-isAsIs S3 class
data_frameConstruct a data frame
df_listCollect columns for data frame construction
df_ptype2Coercion between two data frames
faq-compatibility-typesFAQ - How is the compatibility of vector types decided?
faq-error-incompatible-attributesFAQ - Error/Warning: Some attributes are incompatible
faq-error-scalar-typeFAQ - Error: Input must be a vector
fieldsTools for accessing the fields of a record.
howto-faq-coercionFAQ - How to implement ptype2 and cast methods?
howto-faq-coercion-data-frameFAQ - How to implement ptype2 and cast methods? (Data frames)
howto-faq-fix-scalar-type-errorFAQ - Why isn't my class treated as a vector?
int6464 bit integers
internal-faq-matches-algorithmInternal FAQ - Implementation of 'vec_locate_matches()'
internal-faq-ptype2-identityInternal FAQ - 'vec_ptype2()', 'NULL', and unspecified...
list_drop_emptyDrop empty elements from a list
list_of'list_of' S3 class for homogenous lists
maybe_lossy_castLossy cast error
missingMissing values
name_specName specifications
new_data_frameAssemble attributes for data frame construction
new_dateDate, date-time, and duration S3 classes
new_factorFactor/ordered factor S3 class
new_list_ofCreate list_of subclass
new_partialPartial type
new_rcrdrcrd (record) S3 class
new_vctrvctr (vector) S3 class
obj_is_listList checks
obj_print'print()' and 'str()' generics.
op-empty-defaultDefault value for empty vectors
order-radixOrder and sort vectors
partial_factorPartially specify a factor
partial_framePartially specify columns of a data frame
reference-faq-compatibilityFAQ - Is my class compatible with vctrs?
s3_registerRegister a method for a suggested dependency
tableTable S3 class
theory-faq-coercionFAQ - How does coercion work in vctrs?
theory-faq-recyclingFAQ - How does recycling work in vctrs and the tidyverse?
unspecifiedA 1d vector of unspecified type
vctrs-conditionsCustom conditions for vctrs package
vctrs-data-framevctrs methods for data frames
vctrs-packagevctrs: Vector Helpers
vec_arithArithmetic operations
vec_as_indexConvert to an index vector
vec_as_locationCreate a vector of locations
vec_as_namesRetrieve and repair names
vec_as_names_legacyRepair names with legacy method
vec_assertAssert an argument has known prototype and/or size
vec_as_subscriptConvert to a base subscript type
vec_bindCombine many data frames into one data frame
vec_cCombine many vectors into one vector
vec_castCast a vector to a specified type
vec_cbind_frame_ptypeFrame prototype
vec_compareCompare two vectors
vec_countCount unique values in a vector
vec_dataExtract underlying data
vec_default_ptype2Default cast and ptype2 methods
vec_duplicateFind duplicated values
vec_emptyIs a vector empty
vec_equal_naMissing values
vec_expand_gridCreate a data frame from all combinations of the inputs
vec_fill_missingFill in missing values with the previous or following value
vec_groupIdentify groups
vec_initInitialize a vector
vec_interleaveInterleave many vectors into one vector
vec_is_listList checks
vec_locate_matchesLocate observations matching specified conditions
vec_locate_sorted_groupsLocate sorted groups
vec_matchFind matching observations across vectors
vec_mathMathematical operations
vec_namesGet or set the names of a vector
vec_orderOrder and sort vectors
vec_proxyProxy and restore
vec_proxy_compareComparison and order proxy
vec_proxy_equalEquality proxy
vec_ptypeFind the prototype of a set of vectors
vec_ptype2Find the common type for a pair of vectors
vec_ptype_fullVector type as a string
vec_rankCompute ranks
vec_recycleVector recycling
vec-repRepeat a vector
vec_repeatExpand the length of a vector
vec_seq_alongUseful sequences
vec-setSet operations
vec_sizeNumber of observations
vec_sliceGet or set observations in a vector
vec_splitSplit a vector into groups
vector-checksVector checks
vec_typeDeprecated type functions
vec_uniqueFind and count unique values
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