vec_as_names_legacy: Repair names with legacy method

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Repair names with legacy method


This standardises names with the legacy approach that was used in tidyverse packages (such as tibble, tidyr, and readxl) before vec_as_names() was implemented. This tool is meant to help transitioning to the new name repairing standard and will be deprecated and removed from the package some time in the future.


vec_as_names_legacy(names, prefix = "V", sep = "")



A character vector.

prefix, sep

Prefix and separator for repaired names.


if (rlang::is_installed("tibble")) {


# Names repair is turned off by default in tibble:
try(tibble(a = 1, a = 2))

# You can turn it on by supplying a repair method:
tibble(a = 1, a = 2, .name_repair = "universal")

# If you prefer the legacy method, use `vec_as_names_legacy()`:
tibble(a = 1, a = 2, .name_repair = vec_as_names_legacy)


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