Man pages for yCrypticRNAs
Cryptic Transcription Analysis in Yeast

annotationsSaccharomyce cerevisiae genes annotations.
annotationsSetCreate a geneAnnotation object.
as.annotationsSetConvert a data.table into a geneAnnotation object.
bam_to_readsConvert BAM files into BED files containing the reads...
coverageReport coverage.
coverageDataSetCreate a CoverageDataSet
enrichment_score3' enrichment score
gene_coverageCompute coverage data for a specific gene.
genome_wide_scoresGenome-wide cryptic scores.
initiation_sitesCryptic transcription start sites (cTSS)
intronsSaccharomyce cerevisiae introns annotations.
ratio_score3'/5' ratio score
rna_seq_signalsCoverage dataset for FLO8, CDC14 and SNC1 gene.
yCrypticRNAsCryptic transcription analysis in yeast.
yer109cCoverage dataset for FLO8 gene.
zscore_scoreZ score
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