Man pages for Anderson-Lab/ComplementaryDomainPrioritization
ComplementaryDomainPrioritization and Filtering

download.example.dataDownloads example data files for package demonstration.
fold.change.filterFold change filter
get.all.genes.keggDownloading gene ids from all Kegg Pathways
get.all.genes.wikiDownloading all genes in all WikiPathways pathways for only those genes in the data.
get.genes.keggDownloading Kegg Pathways to find the gene ids
get.genes.tfFinds the genes ids from the Transcription Factor Targets...
get.genes.wikiDownloading WikiPathways to access gene ids
list.filterReturns a filtered dataset
list.filter.inxsReturns the gene.ixs for filtering
load.gene.dataLoading a correctly formatted gene file.
load.protein.dataLoading a correctly formatted protein file.
load.WebGestaltLoading the pathway data from WebGestalt output.
overall.mean.filterOverall mean filter
overall.var.filterOverall variance filter
random.filterRandom filter
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