API for AnnaLaddach/TrajectoryGeometry
This Package Discovers Directionality in Time and Pseudo-times Series of Gene Expression Patterns

Global functions
analyseBranchPoint Man page Source code
analyseBranchPointTest Source code
analyseSingleCellTrajectory Man page Source code
analyseSingleCellTrajectoryTest Source code
chol_answers Man page
chol_attributes Man page
chol_branch_point_results Man page
chol_pseudo_time Man page
chol_pseudo_time_normalised Man page
circleOnTheUnitSphere Man page Source code
circleOnTheUnitSphereTest Source code
crooked_path Man page
crooked_path_center Man page
crooked_path_projection Man page
crooked_path_radius Man page
distanceBetweenTrajectories Man page Source code
distanceBetweenTrajectoriesTest Source code
findSphereClusterCenter Man page Source code
findSphereClusterCenterTest Source code
findSphericalDistance Man page Source code
findSphericalDistanceTest Source code
generateRandomPaths Man page Source code
generateRandomPathsByPermutation Source code
generateRandomPathsBySteps Source code
generateRandomPathsTest Source code
generateRandomUnitVector Man page Source code
generateRandomUnitVectorTest Source code
getDistanceDataForPaths Man page Source code
getDistanceDataForPathsTest Source code
getSphericalData Man page Source code
getSphericalDataTest Source code
getStepLengths Man page Source code
getStepLengthsTest Source code
hep_answers Man page
hep_attributes Man page
hep_pseudo_time Man page
hep_pseudo_time_normalised Man page
orthonormalBasis Man page Source code
orthonormalBasisTest Source code
oscillation Man page
pathProgression Man page Source code
pathProgressionTest Source code
pathToSphericalData Man page Source code
pathToSphericalDataTest Source code
plotPathProjectionCenterAndCircle Man page Source code
plotPathProjectionCenterAndCircleTest Source code
projectPathToSphere Man page Source code
projectPathToSphereTest Source code
samplePath Man page Source code
samplePathTest Source code
single_cell_matrix Man page
straight_path Man page
straight_path_center Man page
straight_path_projection Man page
straight_path_radius Man page
testPathForDirectionality Man page Source code
testPathForDirectionalityTest Source code
varianceInDirection Man page Source code
varianceInDirectionTest Source code
visualiseBranchPointStats Man page Source code
visualiseBranchPointStatsTest Source code
visualiseTrajectoryStats Man page Source code
visualiseTrajectoryStatsTest Source code
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