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Visualise Branch Point Stats


This function creates plots and extracts statistics for analysing branch points. It returns plots and underlying data for visualising distance metrics and -log10 transformed pvalues (comparison to random trajectories) for trajectories with different starting points.


visualiseBranchPointStats(branchPointData, average = "mean")



- the result of analyseBranchPoint


- if there are multiple distances available for each sampled trajectory, calculate the average using "mean" or "median" (defaults to "mean").


a list containing: branchPointValues - dataframe containing data underlying distance plot in long format pValues- dataframe containing data underlying p-value plot in long format distancePlot - ggplot object, violin plots of distance metric for sampled paths for different trajectory different starting points pValue - ggplot object, line plot of -log10 transformed p-values for comparing sampled paths to random paths for different trajectory starting points


cholBranchPointStats = visualiseBranchPointStats(chol_branch_point_results)

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