Man pages for BenGraeler/spcopula
Copula Driven Analysis - Multivariate, Spatial, Spatio-Temporal

asCopulaConstructor of an asymmetric copula with cubic and quadratic...
asCopula-classClass '"asCopula"'
bivTailDepFunBivariate joint dependence functions
calcBinsA function calculating the spatial/spatio-temporal bins
calcSpTreeDistsCalculating the conditional spatial distances
composeSpCopulaComposing a bivariate Spatial Copula
condCovariateConditioning of a Covariate
condSpVineConditions a spatial vine copula for conditional prediction
condStCoVarVineConditional Distribution Function of Spatio-Temporal...
condStVineConditions a spatio-temporal vine copula for conditional...
cqsCopulaConstructor of a symmetric copula with cubic quadratic...
cqsCopula-classClass '"cqsCopula"'
criticalLevelCalculating the critical level for a given Kendall Return...
criticalPairCalculate Critical Pairs
criticalTriplecalculate critical triples
dduCopulapartial derivatives of copulas
dduCopula-methodsMethods for Function 'dduCopula' in Package 'spcopula'
ddvCopula-methodsMethods for Function 'ddvCopula' in Package 'spcopula'
dependencePlotKernel smoothed scatter plot
dropSpTreeDrops a spatial tree
dropStTreeDrops a spatio-temporal tree
empiricalCopulaConstructor of an empirical copula class
empiricalCopula-classClass '"empiricalCopula"'
empSurCopulaConstructor of an empirical survival copula class
empSurCopula-classClass '"empiricalCopula"'
EU_RBDaily mean PM10 concentrations over Europe in June and July...
EU_RB_2005Daily mean PM10 concentrations over Europe in 2005 as used in...
fitCorFunAutomated fitting of a correlation function to the...
fitSpCopulaSpatial Copula Fitting
genEmpCopGenerate an empirical copula
genEmpKenFunGenerates an empirical Kendall distribution function
genInvKenFunGenerate the inverse Kendall distribution function
getKendallDistrRetrieving the Kendall Distribution function for a given...
getNeighboursCreating Local Neighbourhoods
getStNeighboursCreating Local Spatio-Temporal Neighbourhoods
hkCopulaConstructor of a hierarchical Kendall copula
hkCopula-classClass '"hkCopula"'
invdduCopula-methodsMethods for Function 'invdduCopula' in Package 'spcopula'
invddvCopula-methodsMethods for Function 'invddvCopula' in Package 'spcopula'
kendallDistributionThe Kendall distribution
kendall-methodsMethods for Function 'kendall'
kendallRPcalculating the Kendall Return Period
loglikByCopulasLagsLog-likelihoods by copula family and spatial lag class
loglikByCopulasStLagsLog-likelihoods by copula family and spatio-temporal lag...
mixtureCopulaConstructor of a mixture copula
mixtureCopula-classClass '"mixtureCopula"'
neighbourhoodConstructor of the 'neighbourhood' class.
neighbourhood-classClass 'neighbourhood'
qCopula_uThe inverse of a bivariate copula given u or v
rankTransformrank order transformation of margins
rCopula_ySampling from a given contour level
reduceNeighboursSelecting the strongest correlated neighbours
simulatedTriplesannual extreme rainfall triples
spCopDemoworkspace produced in 'demo(spCopula)'
spCopPredictspatial prediction based on a spatial vine copula
spCopulaSpatial Copula
spCopula-classClass '"spCopula"'
spcopula-packageCopula Driven Spatio-Temporal Analysis
spGaussCopPredictspatial prediction using a Gaussian Copula
spGaussLogLikDensity evaluation for a spatial Gaussian Copula
spGeomCopulaConstructor of a the spatial copula class based on geometric...
spGeomCopula-classClass '"spGeomCopula"'
spVineCopulaConstructor of the virtual super class 'spVineCopula'.
spVineCopula-classClass '"spVineCopula"'
stCopPredictSpatio-Temporal Prediction based on a Spatio-Temporal Vine...
stCopulaSpatio-Temporal Copula
stCopula-classClass '"stCopula"'
stCoVarVineCopulaConstructor for 'stCoVarVineCopula'
stCoVarVineCopula-classClass '"stCoVarVineCopula"'
stNeighbourhoodConstructor of the 'stNeighbourhood' class.
stNeighbourhood-classClass '"stNeighbourhood"'
stVineCopulaConstructor of the class 'stVineCopula'.
stVineCopula-classClass '"stVineCopula"'
tawn3pCopulaTawn Copula Family constructor using all three parameters
tawn3pCopula-classClass '"tawn3pCopula"'
trunCopulaConstructor of the truncated copula class.
trunCopula-classClass '"trunCopula"'
unitScatterA scatter plot on the unit-square
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