Man pages for DoroChilds/TPP
Analyze thermal proteome profiling (TPP) experiments

analyze2DTPPAnalyze a 2D-TPP experiment
analyzeTPPCCRAnalyze TPP-CCR experiment
analyzeTPPTRAnalyze TPP-TR experiment
hdacCCR_configThe configuration table to analyze hdacCCR_data.
hdacCCR_dataTPP-CCR example dataset (replicates 1 and 2)
hdacCCR_smallExampleExample subsets of a Panobinostat TPP-CCR dataset (replicates...
hdacTR_configThe configuration table to analyze hdacTR_data.
hdacTR_dataTPP-TR example dataset.
hdacTR_resultsTable_smallExampleExample of a TPP-TR result table.
hdacTR_smallExampleExample subset of a Panobinostat TPP-TR dataset and the...
panobinostat_2DTPP_configThe configuration table to analyze panobinostat_2DTPP_data.
panobinostat_2DTPP_data2D-TPP-CCR example dataset
panobinostat_2DTPP_smallExampleExample subsets of a Panobinostat 2D-TPP dataset and the...
resultTableExample of a TPP-TR result table.
TPPThermal proteome profiling (TPP)
tpp2dAddAdditionalInfoAdd additional info to 2D-TPP CCR output data
tpp2dCalcFractAbundanceCalculate fractional abundance and DMSO ratio of successive...
tpp2dComputeFoldChangesCompute 2D-TPP fold changes
tpp2dCreateDRplotsCreate dose response curve plots for 2D-TPP data
tpp2dCreateReportCreate Report of 2D-TPP analysis
tpp2dCreateTPPTRreferenceCreate TPP-TR reference for 2D-TPP experiment
tpp2dCurveFitRun TPP-CCR analysis for 2D-TPP experiment
tpp2dExportProduce Excel table of 2D-TPP experiment.
tpp2dExportPlotsExport plots for 2D-TPP experiment.
tpp2dImportImport 2D-TPP data
tpp2dMerge2dRefMerge 2D-TPP result data with TPP-TR reference data
tpp2dNormalizeMedian normalization of protein fold changes of 2D-TPP data
tpp2dPlotQChistPlot quality control histograms
tpp2dPlotQCpEC50Plot quality control pEC50 plots
tpp2dSplineFitAndTestFit splines and perform f-Test
tpp2dSplinePlotFit splines and generate ggplot visualizations
tpp2dTRReferenceObjectTPP-TR reference object
tppccrCurveFitFit dose response curves
tppccrImportImport TPP-CCR dataset for analysis by the 'TPP' package.
tppccrNormalizeNormalize data from TPP-CCR experiments
tppccrNormalizeToReferenceNormalize fold changes of TPP-CCR experiment to a reference...
tppccrPlotCurvesPlot dose response curves
tppccrResultTableSummarize results of a TPP-CCR study
tppccrTransformTransform fold changes of TPP-CCR experiment
tppDefaultThemeDefault ggplot theme for melting curve plots.
TPP-defunctDefunct functions in package 'TPP'
TPP-deprecatedDeprecated functions in package 'TPP'
tppExportProduce Excel table of TPP-TR or TPP-CCR experiment.
tppQCPlotsCorrelateExperimentsVisually compare fold changes of different TPP experiments.
tppRefDataExample of a reference dataset for 2D-TPP experiments.
tpptrAnalyzeMeltingCurvesAnalyze fitted curve parameters to detect significant shifts...
tpptrCurveFitFit melting curves to all proteins in a dataset.
tpptrDefaultNormReqsDefault filter criteria for fold change normalization
tpptrFitSplinesPerform spline fitting
tpptrFTestAnalyze spline fits to detect differential behavior over time
tpptrImportImport TPP-TR datasets for analysis by the 'TPP' package.
tpptrNormalizeNormalize protein fold changes
tpptrPlotSplinesPlot spline fits per protein
TPPTR_reference_results_HepG2Example of a reference dataset for 2D-TPP experiments.
tpptrSplineFitAndTestPerform spline fitting and analyze by moderated F-test
tpptrTidyUpESetsTidy up expressionSets
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