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R Object-Oriented Programming with or without References

000.makeObjectFinalizerCreates a standalone finalizer function for Object
abortAborts the current expression call
argsToString.ClassGets the arguments of a function as a character string
argsToString.RdocGets the arguments signature of a function
as.character.BasicObjectGets a character string representing the object
as.character.ClassReturns a short string describing the class
as.character.ExceptionGets a character string representing of the Exception
as.character.InterfaceGets a character string representing the Interface
as.character.ObjectGets a character string representing the object
as.character.PackageGets a string representation of this package
as.character.RccViolationExceptionGets a string representing of the RCC violation
as.character.RdocExceptionGets a character string representing of the RdocException
ASCII8-bit ASCII table
attach.BasicObjectAttach an BasicObject to the R search path
attachLocally.ObjectAttaches an Object locally to an environment
attach.ObjectAttaches an Object to the R search path
BasicObjectA root class like Object but without references
charToIntConverts a vector of ASCII characters into a vector of...
check.RdocChecks the compiled Rd files
ClassThe Class class describes an Object class
clearCache.ObjectClear fields that are defined to have cached values
clearLookupCache.ObjectClear internal fields used for faster lookup
clone.ObjectClones an Object
compileRdocCompiles the Rdoc help comments in a package
compile.RdocCompile source code files containing Rdoc comments into Rd...
createManPath.RdocCreates the directory where the Rd files should be saved
createName.RdocCreates a class-method name
declaration.RdocGets the class declaration
detach.BasicObjectDetach an BasicObject from the R search path
detach.ObjectDetach an Object from the R search path
dimensionGets the dimension of the object
DOLLAR.BasicObjectMakes the fields and methods of an BasicObject accessible via...
DOLLAR.ClassMakes the fields and methods of an Class accessible via the...
DOLLARLT_-.BasicObjectMakes the fields and methods of an BasicObject assignable via...
DOLLARLT_-.ClassMakes the fields and methods of an Class assignable via the...
DOLLARLT_-.ObjectMakes the fields and methods of an Object assignable via the...
DOLLAR.ObjectMakes the fields and methods of an Object accessible via the...
equalsCompares an object with another
equals.BasicObjectCompares an object with another
equals.ObjectCompares an object with another
escapeRdFilename.RdocEscape non-valid characters in a filename
ExceptionThe Exception class to be thrown and caught
extendExtends a object
extend.BasicObjectExtends another class
extend.InterfaceExtends another Interface class
extend.ObjectExtends another class
finalize.ObjectFinalizer methods called when object is clean out
forName.ClassGets a Class object by a name of a class
getAuthor.PackageGets the Author of this package
getBundle.PackageGets the Bundle that this package might belong to
getBundlePackages.PackageGets the names of the other packages that is in the same...
getCalls.ExceptionGets the active calls saved when the exception was created
getChangeLog.PackageGets the change log of this package
getClasses.PackageGets all classes of a package
getClassS4Usage.RdocGets the usage of a S4 class
getConstructorS3Get a constructor method
getContents.PackageGets the contents of this package
getContribUrl.PackageGets the URL(s) from where this package can be installed
getDataPath.PackageGets the path to the data (data/) directory of this package
getDate.PackageGets the date when package was build
getDescriptionFile.PackageGets the description file of this package
getDescription.PackageGets the description of the package
getDetails.ClassLists the fields and methods of a class
getDevelUrl.PackageGets the URL(s) from where the developers version of this...
getDocPath.PackageGets the path to the accompanying documentation (doc/)...
getEnvironment.ObjectGets the environment of this object
getEnvironment.PackageGets the environment of a loaded package
getExamplePath.PackageGets the path to the example (R-ex/) directory of this...
getFieldModifiers.ObjectGets all types of field modifiers
getFields.BasicObjectReturns the field names of an BasicObject
getFields.ClassReturns the field names of a class
getFields.InterfaceReturns NULL
getFields.ObjectReturns the field names of an Object
getHowToCite.PackageGets the citation of this package
getInstantiationTime.BasicObjectGets the time when the object was instantiated
getInstantiationTime.ObjectGets the time when the object was instantiated
getInternalAddress.ObjectGets the memory location where the Object resides
getKeywords.RdocGets the keywords defined in R with descriptions
getKnownSubclasses.ClassGets all subclasses that are currently loaded
getKnownSubclasses.classRepresentationGets the known subclasses
getLastException.ExceptionStatic method to get the last Exception thrown
getLicense.PackageGets the License of this package
getMaintainer.PackageGets the Maintainer of this package
getManPath.RdocGets the path to the directory where the Rd files will be...
getMessage.ExceptionGets the message of the Exception
getMessage.InternalErrorExceptionGets the message of the exception
getMethods.ClassReturns the method names of class and its super classes
getName.ClassGets the name of the class
getName.environmentGets the name of an environment
getNameFormat.RdocGets the current name format
getName.PackageGets the name of this package
getPackage.ClassGets the package to which the class belongs
getPackage.InternalErrorExceptionGets the suspicious package likely to contain an error
getPackageNameOf.RdocGets the package of a method or an object
getPath.PackageGets the library (system) path to this package
getPosition.PackageGets the search path position of the package
getRccUrl.RccViolationExceptionStatic method to get a URL where the RCC can be found
getRdDeclaration.ClassGets the class declaration in Rd format
getRdDeclaration.classRepresentationGets the class declaration in Rd format
getRdHierarchy.ClassGets the class hierarchy in Rd format
getRdHierarchy.classRepresentationGets the class hierarchy in Rd format
getRdMethods.ClassGets the methods of a class in Rd format
getRdMethods.classRepresentationGets the methods in Rd format
getRdTitle.RdocExtracts the title string of a Rd file
getSource.RdocExceptionGets the source of the exception
getStackTrace.ExceptionGets the stack trace saved when the exception was created
getStackTraceString.ExceptionGets the stack trace as a string
getStaticInstance.ClassGets the static instance of this class
getStaticInstance.ObjectGets the static instance of this objects class
getSuperclasses.ClassGets the super classes of this class
getSuperclasses.classRepresentationGets the superclasses
getTitle.PackageGets the Title of this package
getUrl.PackageGets the URL of this package
getUsage.RdocGets the usage of a method
getVersion.PackageGets the version of this package
getWhen.ExceptionGets the time when the Exception was created
hasField.BasicObjectChecks if a field exists or not
hasField.ObjectChecks if a field exists or not
hashCodeGets an integer hashcoded for R objects
hashCode.BasicObjectGets a hash code for the object
hashCode.ObjectGets a hash code for the Object
hierarchy.RdocGets the class hierarchy
InterfaceThe Interface class
InternalErrorExceptionInternalErrorException represents internal errors
intToCharConverts a vector of integers into a vector of ASCII...
isAbstract.ClassChecks if a class is abstract or not
isBeingCreated.ClassChecks if a class is currently being initiated initiated
isDeprecated.ClassChecks if a class is deprecated or not
isKeyword.RdocChecks if a word is a Rd keyword
isLoaded.PackageChecks if the package is installed on the search path or not
isOlderThan.PackageChecks if the package is older than a given version
isPrivate.ClassChecks if a class is defined private or not
isProtected.ClassChecks if a class is defined protected or not
isPublic.ClassChecks if a class is defined public or not
isReferable.BasicObjectChecks if the object is referable or not
isReferable.ObjectChecks if the object is referable or not
isStatic.ClassChecks if a class is static or not
isVisible.RdocChecks if a member is visible given its modifiers
llGenerates a list of informative properties of all members of...
ll.ObjectGenerates a list of informative properties of all members of...
ll.PackageGenerates a list of informative properties of all members of...
load.ObjectStatic method to load an Object from a file or a connection
load.PackageLoads a package
methodsInheritedFrom.RdocGets all methods inherited from a class in Rd format
newInstance.BasicObjectCreates a new instance of the same class as this object
newInstance.ClassCreates a new instance of this class
newInstance.ObjectCreates a new instance of the same class as this object
Non-documented_objectsNon-documented objects
novirtual.ObjectReturns a reference to the same Object with virtual fields...
ObjectThe root class that every class must inherit from
objectSizeGets the size of the object in bytes
objectSize.BasicObjectGets the size of the BasicObject in bytes
objectSize.environmentGets the size of an environment in bytes
objectSize.ObjectGets the size of the Object in bytes
PackageThe Package class provides methods for accessing package...
print.BasicObjectPrints an BasicObject
print.ClassPrints detailed information about the class and its fields...
print.ExceptionPrints the Exception
print.InterfacePrints an Interface
print.ObjectPrints an Object
printStackTrace.ExceptionPrints the stack trace saved when the exception was created
RccViolationExceptionAn RccViolationException indicates a violation of the R...
RdocClass for converting Rdoc comments to Rd files
RdocExceptionRdocException are thrown by the Rdoc compiler
R.oo-packagePackage R.oo
save.ObjectSaves an Object to a file or a connection
setConstructorS3Defines a class in S3/UseMethod style
setManPath.RdocSets the path to the directory where the Rd files should be...
setNameFormat.RdocSets the current name format
showChangeLog.PackageShow the change log of this package
showContents.PackageShow the CONTENTS file of this package
showDescriptionFile.PackageShow the DESCRIPTION file of this package
showHowToCite.PackageShow the HOWTOCITE file of this package
startupMessage.PackageGenerates a 'package successfully loaded' package startup...
staticCode.ObjectMethod that will be call each time a new instance of a class...
throwThrows an Exception
throw.errorThrows (rethrows) an object of class 'error'
throw.ExceptionThrows an Exception that can be caught
trimConverts to a string and removes leading and trailing...
typeOfClassGets the type of a class (S3 or S4)
unload.PackageUnloads a package
uses.InterfaceSpecifies that an object uses this Interface
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