Man pages for MadsAlbertsen/ampvis2
Tools for visualising amplicon data

AalborgWWTPsA subset of the MiDAS example data
aggregate_abundAggregate OTUs to a specific taxonomic level
amp_alphadivAlpha-diversity analysis
amp_cleanMiFFunctional information tool
amp_coreCore community analysis
amp_export_fastaExport raw DNA sequences
amp_export_otutableExport OTU-table
amp_frequencyFrequency plot
amp_import_biomImport OTU table from BIOM file
amp_import_usearchImport OTU table from USEARCH pipelines
amp_loadLoad data for ampvis functions
amp_mergereplicatesMerge replicate samples
amp_octaveOctave plot
amp_ordinateOrdination plot
amp_otu_networkNetwork plot
amp_rankabundanceRank abundance plot
amp_rarecurveRarefaction curve
amp_rarefyRarefy ampvis2 object (internal function)
amp_renameTidy up taxonomy (internal function)
amp_subset_samplesSubset ampvis2 objects based on sample metadata
amp_subset_taxaSubset ampvis2 objects based on taxonomy
amp_timeseriesAbundance timeseries
amp_vennVenn diagram of core OTUs
ampvis2'ampvis2' package
example_metadataA minimal example of sample metadata
example_otutableA minimal example of an OTU-table
getLowestTaxLvlFind lowest taxonomic level
MiDASMiDAS example data
MiFFunctional information of microbes in the MiDAS database
print.ampvis2Prints ampvis2 object summary (internal function)
print.figcaptionPrint method for figure caption created by amp_ordinate
print.hmfunplotPrints heatmap+functions plot (internal function)
unifracCalculate weighted or unweighted UniFrac distances. Adopted...
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