Man pages for Michael-Stevens-27/silverblaze
Geographic Profiling in R

bearing_to_lonlatGet spatial coordinate given an origin, a great circle...
bind_dataBind data to project
check_silverblaze_loadedCheck that silverblaze package has loaded successfully
delete_setDelete parameter set
dist_gcCalculate pairwise great circle distance between points
get_ESSGet ESS
get_hitscoresGet hitscores
get_outputGet output
giniCalculate Gini coefficient
is.rgeoprofile_projectDetermine if object is of class rgeoprofile_project
kernel_smoothProduce a smooth surface using 2D kernel density smoothing
lonlat_to_bearingCalculate great circle distance and bearing between...
lonlat_to_cartesianConvert lon/lat to cartesian coordinates
more_coloursExpand series of colours by interpolation
new_setCreate new parameter set
overlay_geoprofileAdd geoprofile to dynamic map
overlay_piechartsAdd pie charts to dynamic map
overlay_pointsAdd points to dynamic map
overlay_ringsearchAdd ring-search geoprofile to dynamic map
overlay_sentinelsAdd sentinel sites to dynamic map
overlay_sourcesAdd sources to dynamic map
overlay_spatial_priorAdd spatial prior to dynamic map
overlay_surfaceAdd posterior probability surface to dynamic map
plot_acfProduce MCMC autocorrelation plot
plot_densityProduce MCMC density plot
plot_DIC_gelmanPlot DIC over all K
plot_expected_popsizePlot COI 95% credible intervals
plot_loglikePlot loglikelihood 95% credible intervals
plot_loglike_dignosticProduce diagnostic plots of log-likelihood
plot_lorenzProduce Lorenz plot of hitscores
plot_mapCreate dynamic map
plot_pseudoAICPlot the pseudoAIC over all K
plot_sigmaPlot COI 95% credible intervals
plot_structurePosterior allocation plot
plot_traceProduce MCMC trace plot
print_fullOrdinary print function for class rgeoprofile_project
print.rgeoprofile_projectCustom print function for class rgeoprofile_project
raster_from_shapefileMake raster from shapefile
raster_gridMake raster grid
rgeoprofile_fileImport file
rgeoprofile_projectCreate a new RgeoProfile project
rgeoprofile_shapefileImport shapefile
rnorm_sphereDraw from spherical normal distribution
run_mcmcRun main MCMC
sim_dataSimulate data
summary.rgeoprofile_projectPrint summary for class rgeoprofile_project
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