Man pages for PoisonAlien/peakseason
Functions for faster ChIP/ATAC-seq analysis and visualization.

bw_goPerform Gene ontology
bw_pcaGroups samples based on signal. Useful for QC analysis
check_bwtoolsChecks for bwtool installation binary under system path or...
clustered_profile_plotDraw a profile plot
diffpeakDifferentail Peak Analysis
estimate_Pol2PIEstimates polymerase index from Pol2 ChIP seq data.
extract_matrixExtract matrix of signal values from given bigWig files...
extract_summaryExtract area under the curve for every peak from from given...
peak_sizePlots peak size distribution
plotgoThis function plots top ten GO process from GOSEq results
plot_heatmapDraw heatmap
plot_profileDraw a profile plot
plotSEDraw hocky-stick plot from super enhancer results.
plot_summaryGroups samples based on signal. Useful for QC analysis
plot_tracksDraw a track view of geiven genomic loci
read_coldataPrepares meta data table from bigWig files. Output from this...
summarize_homer_annotsParse peak annotations generated by homer
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