convert_legacy: convert the legacy GatingSet archive (mixed with R and C++...

convert_legacy_gsR Documentation

convert the legacy GatingSet archive (mixed with R and C++ files) to the new format (C++ only)


Older versions of flowWorkspace represented GatingSet-class objects using a combination of R and C++ files, while newer versions have moved the representation entirely to the C++ level for the sake of efficiency. In order to use GatingSet or GatingSetList archives created in older versions, they will need to be converted to the new format.


convert_legacy_gs(from, to, ...)

convert_legacy_gslist(from, to, ...)



the old archive path


the new archive path


tmp the path where the temporary files will be written to during the conversion. By default it is system temp folder and sometime it is helpful to be able to customize it to other location when system temp folder is fulll or not succicient when converting big data sets.


Note that it is likely some of the keyword values (mainly offsets e.g. BEGINDATA) may change slightly after the conversion due to the process of rewriting data to FCS files through write.FCS.


## Not run: 
convert_legacy_gs(old_gs_path, new_gs_path)

## End(Not run)

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