Man pages for RTCGA/RTCGA
The Cancer Genome Atlas Data Integration

boxplotTCGACreate Boxplots for TCGA Datasets
checkTCGAInformation About Datasets from TCGA Project
convertTCGAConvert Data from RTCGA Family to Bioconductor Classes
createTCGACreate RTCGA.dataType.releaseDate-like Packages with TCGA...
datasetsTCGARTCGA - The Family of R Packages with Data from The Cancer...
downloadTCGADownload TCGA Data
expressionsTCGAGather Expressions for TCGA Datasets
heatmapTCGACreate Heatmaps for TCGA Datasets
infoTCGAInformation About Cohorts from TCGA Project
installTCGAInstall Data Packages from RTCGA Family
kmTCGAPlot Kaplan-Meier Estimates of Survival Curves for Survival...
mutationsTCGAGather Mutations for TCGA Datasets
pcaTCGAPlot Two Main Components of Principal Component Analysis
readTCGARead TCGA data to the tidy Format
RTCGA-packageThe Caner Genome Atlas data integration
survivalTCGAExtract Survival Information from Datasets Included in...
theme_RTCGARTCGA Theme for ggplot2
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