Man pages for SCBIT-YYLab/DRAP
Drug Response Analysis Tailored for Drug Testing on Patient-Derived Tumor Models

compareGCCompare growth curves of tumor volume between Arms
compareTwoGCCompare growth curves of tumor volume between pairwise Arms
DataSummaryData summary
DRAnalysisAssess differences in tumor volume between arms
DRLevelDefine the drug response level for each animal.
DRLevelAnalysisCaculate response evaluation indexes
DRLevelSummarySummary the drug response level
MeanTCaculating mean t-statistic between two arms of tumor volume...
MeanWCaculating mean Wilcox-statistic between two arms of tumor...
NPDXEResponseLevelDefine drug response level based on Novartis PDXE response... of body weight data for oneAN pattern
oneAN.volume.dataExample of volume data for oneAN pattern
plotBWeightGCPlot growth curves for body weight of mouses
plotDRLevelVisulize the drug response level
plotDRResultsplot the results of drug response level analysis.
plotEndpointvisulize the tumor volume data measured at the end of...
plotGRvisulize the growth rate of tumor volume
plotRCplot the relative change of data
plotTGITGI visulizing
plotVolumeGCPlot growth curves of tumor volume data
plotWaterfallplot waterfall
PPTPResponseLevelDefine response level based on PPTP response criteria
RCResponseLevelDefine response level based on relatvie change of tumor...
RelativeChangeCaculate the relative change for tumor volume data or body... of body weight data for TAN pattern
TAN.volume.dataExample of volume data for TAN pattern of body weight data for TAone pattern
TAone.volume.dataExample of volume data for TAone pattern
TGITumor growth inhibition (TGI) rate caculating
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