Man pages for ShadowFiendSF/GSminer
Select gold standard including positive and negative genes pairs based on the Gene Ontology

buildMapping-methodsMethod buildMapping.
CC2gene-methodsMethod CC2gene
filterNeg-GSminer-methodFilter neagtive paris by cytoplasm and nucleus cell...
filterNeg-methodsfilterNeg method generics
gene2BP-methodsMethod gene2BP.
GeneGOMapping-classClass "GeneGOMapping" A S4 class for mapping between gene and...
geneSimThe similarity between genes(modified the dDAGgeneSim in...
getThreshold-methodsgetThreshold method generics
GO2igraphconvert to graph format
GSminer-classClass "GSminer"
loadBPoffsprings-methodsloadBPoffsprings method generics
loadCCoffsprings-methodsloadCCoffsprings method
MappingFileValidValidation of GeneGOMapping object
outputPosNeg-methodsoutputPosNeg method generics
removeDupRemove duolicated rows
selectGO-methodsselectGO method generics
TAIR.GODatasets the mapping between Arabidopsis thaliana gene and GO...
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