Man pages for SimoneHermann/hierRegSDE

defaultParDefault parameters
drawDataFunction for simulating the data
estRegBayesian estimation in mixed nonlinear regression models
estReg_singleBayesian stimation in nonlinear regression models
estSDEBayesian estimation in mixed stochastic differential...
estSDE_singleBayesian stimation in mixed stochastic differential equations
getFunYields the regression or drift function for the specific...
getFunVarVariance function
getParDefault values
getPriorBuilds list of prior parameters
getStartBuilds list of starting values
phi_ijHelping function
postmuPosterior for mu
predPhiPrediction Of The Random Effects In Mixed Stochastic...
predRegBayesian prediction in mixed nonlinear regression models
predSDEBayesian prediction in mixed SDE models
scoreRuleScoring rule of Gneiting and Raftery (...)
testRegExample function for the nonlinear regression model
testSDEExample function for the SDE model
VirklerCrack Growth
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