Man pages for USGS-R/repgen
USGS internal report generation

addGroupColAdd Group Col for Corrections
addMeasurementsAndErrorAdd Measurements and Errors Given a gsplot object, will add...
addRatingShiftsAdd Rating Shifts Given a gsplot object, will add rating...
addToGsplotAdd a feature to a gsplot object
adjustCorrectionTypesadjust correction types
applyDataGapsBreak apart timeseries data frames for any gaps.
applyQualifiersApply qualifiers
applyQualifiersToValuesApply Qualifiers to Points
approvalBarYCompute top or bottom vertical position of approval bars.
approvalBarYBottomCompute bottom position of approval bars.
approvalBarYTopCompute top position of approval bars.
as.character.repgendateSetup special repgendate as.character method
as.repgendateSetup special repgen date as method
attachFullDataToSubFrameAttach Full Data to Sub Frame
boundDateBound Date
boundLaneDatesBound Lane Dates
bufferLimsCompute the y lims, y-lims will ensure all of the corrected...
calcEndSeqGet a list of end dates
calcStartSeqGet a list of start dates
calculateLimsCalculate Lims For a data frame of points, will calculate a...
calculateTotalDaysCalculate the number of days between two dates
checkRequiredFieldsReturns a list of missing required fields from the given data
cleanTempSpaceClean up temporary disk space used when rendering reports
completeQualifiersComplete qualifiers
containsOutsideUncertaintyCreate a note on report about corrected value
convertStringToTableDisplayConvert the string to the equivalent HTML code
convertTableDisplayToStringConvert the String from HTML code to the equivalent raw...
correctionsataglanceCorrections-at-a-Glance report
correctionsataglanceReportCorrections at a glance report
createApprovalLaneCreate Approval Lane
createControlConditionsStringCreate Control Condition String
createDataRowsCreate a Set of Rows for One Data Parameter
createDVHydrographPlotCreate DV Hydrograph Plot
createDVHydrographRefPlotCreate DV Hdyrograph Reference Plot
createGapsFromEstimatedPeriodsCreate gaps in data if there is estimated time series.
createLabelTableCreate Label Table
createLaneCreate Lane
createPlotLanesCreate Plot lanes
createPrimaryPlotCreate Primary Plot Will create and configure gsPlot object...
createSecondaryPlotCreate Secondary Plot Will create and configure gsPlot object...
defaultHistFlagsSet default historic flags
doAddToPlotDo add to plot
dvhydrographDV Hydrograph Report
excludedConditionsMessageExcluded Conditions Message
extendStepUse the last point plus 1 day in seconds to extend step the...
extendYaxisLimitsExtend y-Axis Limits
extremesExtremes report.
extremesQualifiersTableCreate a Flat Text "qualifiers table" Type Output Table
extremesTableCreate a Flat Text "extremes table" Type Output Table
fetchApprovalsFetch Approvals (TSS)
fetchApprovalsForSeriesFetch Approvals for a given Time Series
fetchCorrectionsFetch corrections for a time series
fetchCorrReportURLFetch CORR Report URL (TSS)
fetchDownchainSeriesFetch Downchain Series (TSS)
fetchExcludedControlConditionsFetch Excluded Control Conditions (V-Diagram)
fetchExtremesSeriesQualifiersFetch Extremes Primary Series Qualifiers (Extremes)
fetchFieldVisitMeasurementsFetch field visit measurements
fetchFieldVisitReadingsFetch field visit readings
fetchFieldVistsFetch Field Visits (CORR)
fetchGapsFetch Gaps (TSS)
fetchGapTolerancesFetch Gap Tolerances (TSS)
fetchGradeMetadataFetch Grade Metadata (TSS)
fetchGradesFetch Grades (TSS)
fetchGroundWaterLevelsFetch ground water levels
fetchInterpolationTypesFetch Interpolation Types (TSS)
fetchMaxStageFetch maximum stage height
fetchMeasurementsFetch Discharge measurements
fetchMeasurementsFieldFetch Measurements Field
fetchMethodsFetch Methods (TSS)
fetchMinMaxIVsFetch Min/Max IV
fetchMinStageFetch minimum stage height
fetchNotesFetch Notes (TSS)
fetchPrimarySeriesApprovalsFetch Primary Series Approvals (DV and Five YR)
fetchPrimarySeriesQualifiersFetch Primary Series Qualifiers (DV and Five YR)
fetchPrimaryTSMetadataFetch Primary TS Metadata (TSS)
fetchProcessingCorrectionsFetch Processing Corrections (CORR)
fetchProcessorsFetch Processors (TSS)
fetchQualifierMetadataFetch Qualifier Metadata
fetchQualifiersFetch Qualifiers (TSS)
fetchRatingCurvesFetch Rating Curves (TSS)
fetchRatingShiftsFetch Rating Shifts
fetchRatingShiftsFieldFetch Rating Shifts Field
fetchReportMetadataFetch Report Metadata
fetchReportMetadataFieldFetch Report Metadata Field
fetchRequestParametersFieldFetch Request Parameters Field
fetchSRSQualifiersFetch Qualifiers (SRS)
fetchThresholdsFetch Threshold Data (CORR)
fetchTimeSeriesFetch time series
fetchTSSThresholdsFetch Threshold Data (TSS)
fetchUpchainSeriesFetch Upchain Series (TSS)
fetchWaterQualityMeasurementsFetch water quality measurements
filterAndMarkDuplicatesFilter and Mark Duplicates
findDefinedGapsFind the start and end times for any possible data gaps.
findOverlapChecks for overlapping positions in order to make new lines...
findTextLocationsFind location for labels
findZeroNegativeGapsIdentify the start and end dates for gaps due to zeroes and...
fiveyeargwsumFive Year Groundwater Summary Report
flexibleTimeParseWill attempt to parse a DV, UTC time, or offset time.
formatAdvReportOptionsFormat TSS Advanced Report Options
formatCommentsTakes comments formatted with special escape characters and...
formatCorrectionsParamAdjustableTrimformats the adjustable trim correction parameters
formatCorrectionsParamDeviationformats the deviation correction parameters
formatCorrectionsParamDriftformats the drift correction parameters
formatCorrectionsParamFillGapsformats the fill gaps correction parameters
formatCorrectionsParamOffsetformats the offset correction parameters
formatCorrectionsParamSinglePointformats the single point correction parameters
formatCorrectionsParamUSGSMultiPointformats the USGSMultiPoint correction parameters
formatDataTableFormat Data Table
formatMinMaxLabelFormat Min Max Labels (DV hYdro and Five YR)
formatOpenDateLabelFormat Open Date Label
formatPersistenceGapFillformats the persistence fill gaps correction parameters
formatQualifiersStringListCreate a comma-delimited string of qualifier codes
formatQualifiersTableCreate Flat Text, "qualifiers table" Type Output Table
formatSensorDataCreates the formatted data.frame for the report
formatSplitTimeSeriesForPlottingFormat split time series plotting
formatTimeSeriesForPlottingFormat time series for plotting
formatUTCTimeLabelFormat Time as a label with the UTC Offset
getAppliedCorrectionget applied correction
getApprovalBarConfigGet Approval Bar Configuration
getApprovalBarStylesGet Approval Bar Styles
getCommentsReturns a list of comments or an empty character if there are...
getCorrectedRefAre the corrected values within the reference values...
getCorrectionsPlotConfigGet Corrections Plot Config
getDVHydrographPlotConfigGet DV Hydrograph Plot Config
getDVHydrographRefPlotConfigGet DV Hydrograph Reference Plot Config
getDvPlotConfigGet DV Plot Config
getEffectiveShiftPlotConfigGet Effective Shift Plot Config
getErrorBarYLimsGet Error Bar Y-Limits
getEstimatedEdgesCreate vertical step edges between estimated and...
getExtremesConstantsGet Extremes Report constants
getExtremesTableQualifiersExtract Qualifiers Used
getGageHeightPlotConfigGet Gage Height Plot Config
getGwPlotConfigGet GW level Plot Config
getIndicatedCorrectioncalculate indicated correction
getLaneLabelDataGet Lane Label Data
getLaneYDataGet Lane Y Data
getLogoshared logo used for reports
getMeasQPlotConfigGet Discharge Measurement Plot Config
getMeasuredShiftPlotConfigGet Measured shifts Plot Config
getMonthsGet months
getPrimaryPlotConfigGet Primary Plot Config
getPrimaryReportElementsGet Primary Report Elements
getRatingShiftsPlotConfigGet Rating Shifts Plot Config
getReadingsPlotConfigGet Readings Plot Config
getRecorderWithinUncertaintycalculate the recorder w/in uncertainty
getSecondaryPlotConfigGet Secondary Plot Config
getSecondaryReportElementsGet Secondary Report Elements
getSidesSort data and sides
getSimsUrlInserts the SIMS url (if it exists) into the base of the...
getSrsPrecisionSets a precision value for some known numbers rather than...
getSVPColumnsReturn a list of columns for the Site Visit Peak report
getTimeSeriesLabelCreate Time Series Labels For the Legend
getUniqueCommentsChecks comment to see if it already printed the comment for...
getUvStylesGet UV Styles
getVerticalFlagArrowsGet Vertical Flag Arrows For a set of vertical flag labels,...
getVerticalFlagPositionsGet positions for vertical flags Given a list of flags, will...
getWaterDataUrlPut the url (if it exists) into the base...
getWqPlotConfigGet Water Quality Plot Config
hasEnoughVdiagramDataHas Enough Vdiagram Data
hasReferenceSeriesHas Reference Series Determines if the report has a reference...
hasUpchainSeriesHas Upchain Series Determines if the report has a upchain...
hasValidDataToPlotHas Valid Data to Plot
historyMeasurementsLabelHistory Measurements Label
isFirstDayOfMonthChecks to see if the date passed in is the first of the month
isPrimaryDischargeIs Primary Discharge Determines if the primary series in the...
is.repgendateSetup special repgen date is method
isTextLongCheck label length to make sure it will fit
labelDateSeqProvides the label for the corr report sections
loadCommonCssBase64Load Common CSS
loadCommonTemplateLoad Common Template
loadCustomCssBase64Load Report CSS
loadCustomJsBase64Load Report JS
loadLegendSymbologyDerivationChainload legend symbology for derivation chain report
loadReportTemplateLoad Report Template
makeGapsInclusiveIfStatisticMake Gaps Inclusive If Statistic
mergeAndStretchMerge and even out two timeseries
mergeListsMerge two lists
nullMaskif a value is null, returns an empty string instead of null,...
parseApprovalsParse Approvals
parseCorrApprovalsParse CORR Approvals
parseCorrectionsAsTableCorrections as table
parseCorrectionsByMonthParse Corrections
parseCorrFieldVisitsParse Corr Field Visits
parseCorrGradesParse CORR Grades
parseCorrNotesParse CORR Notes
parseCorrProcessingCorrectionsParse CORR Processing getCorrectionsLabels
parseCorrQualifiersParse CORR Qualifiers
parseCorrThresholdsParse CORR Thresholds
parseExcludedControlConditionsParse Excluded Control Conditions (VDI)
parseExtremesSeriesQualifiersParse Extremes Primary Series Qualifiers
parseFieldMeasurementDataParse Field Measurement Data
parseFieldVisitMeasurementsParse Field Visit Measurements
parseFieldVisitReadingsParse Field Visit Readings
parseGapsParse Gaps
parseGroundWaterLevelsParse Ground Water Levels
parseMinMaxIVParse the Min or Max IV Data
parseMinMaxIVsParse Min and Max IVs
parsePrimaryDvListParse primary dv lists
parsePrimarySeriesApprovalsParse Primary Series Approvals
parsePrimarySeriesListParse Primary Series List
parsePrimarySeriesQualifiersParse Primary Series Qualifiers
parseProcessingCorrectionsParse Processing Corrections
parseRatingShiftsAsTableRating Shifts as a table
parseRatingShiftsByMonthParse Rating Shifts
parseRatingShiftsDataParse Rating Shifts Data
parseReportMetadataFieldParse report metadata field
parseSecondaryCorrectionsByMonthParse Secondary Corrections
parseSecondarySeriesListParse Secondary Series List
parseSRSQualifiersParse SRS Qualifiers
parseThresholdsParse Thresholds
parseTimeSeriesParse Time Series
parseTSSApprovalsParse TSS Approvals
parseTSSGapsParse Gaps
parseTSSGapTolerancesParse TSS Gap Tolerances
parseTSSGradesParse TSS Grades
parseTSSInterpolationTypesParse TSS Interpolation Types
parseTSSMethodsParse TSS Methods
parseTSSNotesParse TSS Notes
parseTSSPrimaryTsMetadataParse TSS Primary TS Metadata
parseTSSProcessingCorrectionsParse Processing Corrections
parseTSSProcessorsParse TSS Processors
parseTSSQualifiersParse TSS Qualifiers
parseTSSRatingCurvesParse TSS Rating Curves
parseTSSRatingShiftsParse TSS Rating Shifts
parseTSSRelatedSeriesParse TSS Related Series
parseTSSThresholdsParse TSS Thresholds
parseUvComparisonSeriesByMonthParse UV Comparison Series
parseUvEstimatedComparisonSeriesByMonthParse UV Estimated Comparison Series
parseUvEstimatedSeriesParse UV Estimated Series
parseUvNonEstimatedSeriesParse UV Non-Estimated Series
parseUvTimeInformationFromLimsGet UV time information from lims Returns time information...
parseVerticalFlagLabelSpacingParse vertical flag label spacing
parseWaterQualityMeasurementsParse Water Quality Measurements
plotDVHydroLegendPlot DV Hydro Legend
plotFiveYearLegendPlot Five Year GW Legend
plotItemPlot Item
plotLanesPlot Lanes
plotTimeSeriesPlot Time Series
plus-repgendate-Period-methodAddition method for class repgendate
print.repgendateSetup special repgen date print method
printReportFeatureUsed by UV Hydrograph report to organize and fit plots and...
readAllFieldVisitQualifiersRead all qualifiers from field visit readings
readAllUvReadingsRead Readings
readApprovalBarRead Approval Bars
readApprovalIndexRead Approval index
readApprovalPointsRead Approval Points
readApprovalRangesRead Approval Ranges
readApprovalsRead Approvals (TSS)
readCorrectionsRead corrections
readDownchainSeriesRead Downchain Series (TSS)
readEffectiveShiftsRead Ground Water level
readEstimatedTimeSeriesRead an estimated time series
readExcludedControlConditionsRead Excluded Control Conditions (V-Diagram)
readExtremesSeriesQualifiersRead Extremes Series Qualifiers
readFetchedQualifiersRead field visit reading qualifiers
readFieldVisitMeasurementsQPointsRead field visit measurements
readFieldVisitMeasurementsShiftsRead field visit measurements shifts
readFieldVisitReadingsRead field visit readings
readFieldVistsRead Field Vists (CORR)
readGapsRead Gaps (TSS)
readGapTolerancesRead Gap Tolerances (TSS)
readGradesRead Grades (TSS)
readGroundWaterLevelsRead ground water levels
readInterpolationTypesRead Interpolation Types (TSS)
readIvDifferenceCalculate the difference between the field visit measurement...
readMeanGageHeightsRead Mean Gage Heights
readMethodsRead Methods (TSS)
readMinMaxIVsRead Min/Max IV Data
readNonEstimatedTimeSeriesRead a non-estimated time series
readNotesRead Notes (TSS)
readPrimarySeriesApprovalsRead Primary Series Approvals
readPrimarySeriesQualifiersRead Primary Series Qualifiers
readPrimaryTSMetadataRead Primary TS Metadata (TSS)
readPrimaryUvHydroApprovalBarsRead Primary Uv Hydro Approval Bars
readProcessingCorrectionsRead Processing Corrections (CORR)
readProcessorsRead Processors (TSS)
readQualifiersRead Qualifiers (TSS)
readRatingCurvesRead Rating Curves (TSS)
readRatingShiftsRead Rating Shifts (TSS)
readRatingShiftsUvHydroRead Rating Shifts (UV Hydro)
readReadingsRead Readings
readReportMetadataFieldRead report metadata field
readSecondaryTimeSeriesUvInfoRead Secondary Time Series UV INFO Decides where or not the...
readSecondaryUvHydroApprovalBarsRead Secondary Uv Hydro Approval Bars
readSRSQualifiersRead Qualifiers (SRS)
readThresholdsRead Thresholds (CORR)
readTimeSeriesRead time series
readTimeSeriesUvInfoRead Time Series UV Info
readTSSThresholdsRead Thresholds (TSS)
readUpchainSeriesRead Upchain Series (TSS)
readUvGageHeightRead Gage Height
readUvGwLevelRead Ground Water level
readUvMeasurementShiftsRead Measured Shifts
readUvQMeasurementsRead Discharge Measurements
readUvWqRead Water Quality Measurements
readWaterQualityMeasurementsRead water quality measurements
remove_repgendateRemove repgendate class
removeZeroNegativeRemove zero or negative values
renderReportRender Report
renderVDiagramCalled from V diagram R Markdown files.
RescaleYTopRescale top of y-axis to create ~4 plot objects and top edge...
resortTimeSeriesResort Time Series
rmDuplicateLegendItemsRemove Duplicate Legend Items
sensorreadingsummarySensor Reading Summary Report
sensorreadingTableCreate a Flat Text, "sensorreading table" Type Output Table
sitevisitpeakSite Visit Peak Report
sitevisitpeakTableCreate a Flat Text, "sitevisitpeak table" Type Output Table
sizeOfGet the size of a dataframe.
sortDataAndSidesSort data and sides
splitDataGapsListSplit multiple time series when there are gaps
splitDataGapsTimeSeriesSplit a time series if there are gaps.
splitShiftedLabelsSplit Shifted Labels
startTemplatedRenderStarting point for template based rendering, this will load...
subsetByMonthExtract time value points list by a single month
testCalloutsTest Callouts
testCalloutsByViewTest Callouts by View
toEndOfDaygiven a datetime, will remove time and set 0000 as start
toEndOfMonthGiven a datetime, will change the date to the 1st, plus...
toEndOfTimeA hacky fix for 9999 year issue which prevents the rectangles...
toSentenceCaseCamel Case String
toStartOfDayGiven a datetime, will remove time and set 23:59.
toStartOfMonthGiven a datetime, will change the date to the 30th, remove...
translateDateTimesTranslate date/times
unNestCorrectionParametersUnnest the correction parameters
useSecondaryPlotUse Secondary Plot
uvhydrographUV Hydrograph Report
uvhydrographPlotCreate a Unit Values Hydrograph
validateFetchedDataValidate to ensure it is not null or empty and has all...
vdiagramV Diagram Report
vdiagramTableCreate V Diagram Table
XAxisLabelStyleX-Axis Label style
xposGroupValueX Position of Group Value
yposGroupValueY position of Group Value
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