Man pages for USGS-R/smwrGraphs
Graphing Functions

addAnnotationAdd Text to a Graph
addAreaAdd a Filled Polygon to Graph
addAxisLabelsAxis Ticks and Labels
addBarsBar Graph
addCaptionAdd Caption
addCIAdd Confidence Interval Lines
addErrorBarsErrors Bars
addExplanationAdd Explanation
addGridGrid Lines
addLabelAxis Labels
addMinorTicksAdd Axis Ticks
addPiperAdd Detail to a Piper Plot
addSLRAdd a Regression Line
addSmoothAdd a Smooth Line
addTableAdd Table to Graph
addTernaryAdd Detail to a Ternary Diagram
addTitleAdd a Title
addXYAdd a plot to a graph
areaPlotShaded Area Plot
boxPlotBox Plot
boxPlotStatsCompute Statistcs for a Box Plot
colorPlotPlot Data
conditionConditioned Graphs
contourPlotContour Plot
copyDemoCopy a Demo File
cov2EllipseConstruct an Ellipse
dataEllipseConstruct an Ellipse
datePrettyPretty Axis
dendGramTree Graphs
dotPlotDot Plot
ecdfPlotEmpirical Distribution Plot
getDist.fcnDistribution Function
hullConstruct a Hull
labelPointsLabel Points
linearPrettyPretty Axis
lineWtLine Weights
logPrettyPretty Axis
month.USGSMonth Abbreviations
namePrettyPretty Axis
numericDataNumeric Values
paraSplineParametric Spline
piperPlotPiper Diagram
piperSubplotPiper Diagram
preSurfacePrepare for surface plot
print.LayoutPrint Objects
probPlotProbability Plot
probPrettyPretty Axis
qqPlotQ-Q Plot
refLineReference Line
renderBXPBox Plot
renderPrettyLabel Axes
reportGraphReport Graph
scalePlotScale Plot
seasonPlotSeason Plot
seriesPlotSeries Plot
setAxisSet up an Axis
setDefaultsDefault Values
setGraphSet Graph
setGroupPlotPlot Parameters
setLayoutGraph Layout
setMarginGraph Margins
setMultiPlotPlot Parameters
setPageGraphics Page
setPlotPlot Parameters
setRtMarginSet Secondary Margin
setSplomScatter Plot Matrix
smwr.colorsGenerate a Range of Colors
smwrGraphs-packageGraphing Functions
splomPlotScatter Plot Matrix
stiffPlotStiff Diagrams
strip.blanksRemove Spaces
surfacePlotSurface plot
ternaryPlotTernary Diagram
ternarySubplotPiper Diagram
timePlotTime-series Plots
timePrettyPretty Axis
transDataTransform Data
transPlotX-Y Plot
transPrettyPretty Axis
xyPlotPlot Data
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