Defines functions PlotMultiFTRANSFACFile

Documented in PlotMultiFTRANSFACFile

#' A function for storing .PDF of plots, by providing a .txt file of FPWMs concatination, in proper format.
#' This function reads an stored .txt file of multiple FTRANSFAC matrices and generates the associated plot for each set then stores the figure as a PDF file. Name of each files indicates from each line the infomration is being imported to result to given plot.
#' @param File the directory of .txt file of multiple FPWMs merged in proper format.
#' @return Stores number of PDF files regarding the number of FPWMs provided within the file.
#' @export
PlotMultiFTRANSFACFile <- function(File="All.txt") {
Lines <- readLines(File)
EndLines <- grep(pattern =  "//",x = Lines)

for (i in EndLines)
  file_name <- paste0(i, "_chunck.txt")
  content_all <- as.vector(reader::n.readLines(fn = File, skip = skip , n = (i-skip),header = FALSE))
  fileConn <- file(file_name)
  writeLines(content_all, fileConn)
  pdf(paste0("starting from line ", skip , ".pdf"))
  X <- FPWM::ReadFTRANSFACFile(File = file_name, Methylation = FALSE)
  FPWM::FPWMPlotter(X, Methylation = FALSE)
  skip = i
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