Man pages for ampatzia/pasaR
Pangenome Statistical Analysis for R

bac_streStreptococcus and Bacillus pangenomic data
bac_stre_namesNames of Streptococcus and Bacillus species
binomixMachineBinomix machine
cluster_numberCluster Analysis with fluidity
cp_plotCluster participation plots
gp_plotGene participation plots
grid_plotgrid plot
gtools_combHelper function: gtools::combination
make_panmatrixMake panmatrix (MCL data)
make_panmatrix_famiMake panmatrix (fami MCL data)
make_panmatrix_fami2Make panmatrix (fami 2 MCL data)
mg_plotGene membership
negTruncLogLikeTruncated log likelihood
organism_names_panmatrix_famiOrganism Names - fami
org_namesOrganism Names - MCL
org_names_fami2Organism Names - MCL (fami2)
panm_summaryPanmatrix Summary
pm_binomBinomial mixture fitting
pm_chaoChao lower bound estimator
pm_clusterPangenome agglomerative hierarchical clustering based on...
pm_fluidityGenome Fluidity with sampling
pm_fluidity_allGenome Fluidity
pm_heapsHeap's Law fitting
pm_plotPanmatrix Plots
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