Man pages for bhklab/Xeva
Analysis of patient-derived xenograft (PDX) data

ABCarea between curves Computes the area between two time-volume...
addExperimentalDesignAdd a new experimental design
anglecompute angle Computes the angle between two time-volume...
AUCarea under the curve 'AUC' Returns area under the curve
batchInfoGet batch information
brcaPDXE breast cancer dataset
createXevaSetXevaSet constructor
dosePlotplot dose data
downloadXevaSetDownload a XevaSet object or table of available XevaSet...
drugInformGet drug information Get the drug information slot from a...
drugSensitivitySigget drug sensitivity values
getBatchAndMolDatadata(brca) object=brca; mDataType="RNASeq"; drug="BGJ398";...
getExperimentGet PDX experiment data
getMolecularProfilesGet molecular profiles from a XevaSet object
lmmlinear mixed model
modelInfomodelInfo Generic Generic for modelInfo method
mRECISTComputes the mRECIST
plotmRECISTTo plot mRECIST values
plotPDXPlot batch data
print.batchResponsePrint the batch response
print.modelResponsePrint the model response
print.pdxBatchPrint the pdx batch
repdxExample PDX dataset
responsecompute PDX response
selectModelIdsTo select model IDs based on drug name and/or tissue type.
sensitivityGet sensitivity for an Xeva object
setResponseset PDX response
slopeComputes slope
subsetXevaSubset Xeva object.
summarizeMolecularProfilesSummarize molecular profiles
summarizeResponseSummarize Response of PDXs
TGItumor growth inhibition (TGI) Computes the tumor growth...
waterfallwaterfall plot Creates waterfall plot for a given drug.
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