Normalized gene family abundances in the NLIBD dataset...

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Normalized gene family abundance used for MelonnPan validation (Mallick et al., 2019).




A data frame of normalized gene familty abundances, as described in Mallick et al. (2019), with subjects in rows and UniRef90 IDs in columns.


Franzosa EA et al. (2019). Gut microbiome structure and metabolic activity in inflammatory bowel disease. Nature Microbiology 4(2):293-305.

Mallick H, Franzosa EA, McIver LJ, Banerjee S, Sirota-Madi A, Kostic AD, Clish CB, Vlamakis H, Xavier R, Huttenhower C (2019). Predictive metabolomic profiling of microbial communities using amplicon or metagenomic sequences. Nature Communications 10(1):3136-3146.

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