melonnpan.trained.model: Weights from a pre-trained MelonnPan model in the PRISM...

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Weight matrix (or model coefficients) based on MelonnPan training in the PRISM dataset (Franzosa et al., 2019).




A data frame of model coefficients from a pre-trained MelonnPan model, as described in Mallick et al. (2019), with 814 UniRef90 IDs (excluding the intercept) and 80 well-predicted metabolites (unique, labeled).


Franzosa EA et al. (2019). Gut microbiome structure and metabolic activity in inflammatory bowel disease. Nature Microbiology 4(2):293-305.

Mallick H, Franzosa EA, McIver LJ, Banerjee S, Sirota-Madi A, Kostic AD, Clish CB, Vlamakis H, Xavier R, Huttenhower C (2019). Predictive metabolomic profiling of microbial communities using amplicon or metagenomic sequences. Nature Communications 10(1):3136-3146.

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