Man pages for bm2-lab/MASCOT
Model-based Analysis of Single cell CRISPR knockOuT screening

Batch_adjustAdjusting batch effect in single cell CRISPR screening...
Cell_filteringFiltering perturbed cells with invalid edits.
Cell_qcQuality control for single-cell CRISPR screening data.
Correlation_perturbationObtaining the relationships between different perturbations.
Data_imputationData imputation by SAVER.
Diff_perturb_effectCalculating perturbation effect difference under different...
Diff_topic_distriCalcualting topic distribution difference between case and...
Get_high_varGenesIdentify highly dispersion differentially expressed genes.
Get_offtargetEvaluating the offtarget effect of sgRNAs.
Get_topicsPerforming topic model.
Input_preprocessThe preprocess of input data.
Input_preprocess_10XThe preprocess of input data generated with 10X genomics.
Rank_overallObtaining the overall perturbation effect ranking list.
Rank_specificObtaining the topic-specific perturbation effect ranking...
Select_topic_numberTo select the optimal topic number.
Topic_func_annoAnnotating each topic's function.
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