Man pages for drmjc/blat
Import/Export functions for UCSC genome BLAT alignments

alignment2pslTake an alignment of targets to chromosome(s) where the...
blat-packageMethods to import, export and manipulate BLAT result data.
grow.bedgrow the intervals in a bed file
import.pslImport a psl formatted alignment file of queries to targets
import.ucsc.bedimport a UCSC-format BED file
make.unique.pslConvert a PSL alignment data.frame into a minimal 1:1...
midpoint.bedDetermine the midpoint of an interval
new.pslMake a new empty psl table.
order.psldetermine the order of rows in a psl object, based on...
psl2bedConvert a psl alignment from BLAT into a BED alignment.
psl2coordinatesconvert psl file to UCSC-style coordinates
psl.besthitobtain the best hit for each query
pslCalcMilliBadinternal function used to determing a psl alignment score.
pslIsProteinis the psl alignment from a protein?
pslPercentIdentitycalculate the % identity of a psl alignment
pslPercentIdentity2calculate the % identity of a psl alignment V2
pslPercentIdentity3calculate the % identity of a psl alignment V3
pslScorecalculate the score from a psl alignment
sort.pslsort a psl file such that each query is together, then by...
write.pslWrite a psl object out to a psl file.
write.ucsc.trackWrite a psl object to a UCSC-style track
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