Man pages for hadley/ggplot1
Before there was ggplot2

alphaGive a colour an alpha level
chopChop a continuous variable into a categorical variable.
chop_autoAutomatic chop Keep categorical variables as is, chop up...
defaultaestheticsModify the default aesthetics for a plot
expand_rangeExpand range Convenience function for expanding a range with...
gg2densityGrob function: 2d density
ggablineGrob function: abline
ggareaGrob function: area
ggbarGrob function: bars
ggboxplotGrob function: boxplot Add box and whiskers
ggcontourGrob function: contours Create a grob to display contours of...
ggdensityGrob function: 1d density Display a smooth density estimate.
gggroupGrob function: groups
gghistogramGrob function: histogram
gghlineGrob function: hline
ggjitterGrob function: jittered points
gglineGrob function: line
ggoptSet global options for ggplot.
ggpathGrob function: path
ggplotCreate a new ggplot
ggpointGrob function: point
ggpolygonGrob function: polygon
ggquantileGrob function: quantiles
ggrectGrob function: rectangle
ggribbonGrob function: ribbon
ggsaveggsave Save a ggplot with sensible defaults
ggsmoothGrob function: smooth
ggtextGrob function: text
ggtileGrob function: tile
ggvlineGrob function: vline
pipePipe operator
pscategoricalAdd a categorical position scale to the plot
pscontinuousPosition: continuous Add a continuous position scale to the...
ps_equalEqual scales Create a scale for axes with equal length on...
ps_mapMap projection scale
resolutionCompute resolution of a vector
sccolourScale: categorical colour Create a scale for categorical...
scfillbrewerScale: Brewer colours Use Brewer colour scheme for colour...
scgradientScale: colour gradient Scale a continuous variable along a...
schclScale: colour (hcl) Scale continuous variables to hue, chroma...
sclinetypeScale: line type
scmanualScale: manual
scrgbScale: colour (rgb) Scale continuous variables to red, green...
scshapeScale: shape
scsizeScale: size Linearly map size to a variable.
setdataSet the default data set for a plot object
setfacetsSet facetting formula and margins for a plot
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