Man pages for heibl/polenta
Multiple Sequence Alignment with PASTA and GUIDANCE

align_part_setCo-optimal alignments from tree partitions
centroidDecompositionCentroid Decomposition of Phylogenetic Trees
confidence.heatmapPlot heatmap of cofidence on MSA
decomposePhyloRootedDecompose Phylogeny
deleteGapsRemove Gap Positions From DNA Sequences
equalSubtreesSplit Phylogeny Equally
extractMSAExtract Sequences from POLENTA Output
filterMSAFiltering of the base MSA using polenta scores
guidanceMSA Reliability Assessment with GUIDANCE
guidance2MSA Reliability Assessment with GUIDANCE2
guidanceSAInterface to guidance program
HoTHeads or Tails Alignment Reliability
msaBPBootstrap a Multiple Sequence Alignnment
msaBP_nj_treeNeighbor joining BP Tree from MSA
msa_set_scoreRCompare reference MSAs with alternative MSAs
msa_set_scoreSACompare Reference MSAs with Alternative MSAs
partitionsCreate N-3 Partitions from Phylogeny
pastaUltra-Large Multiple Sequence Alignment with PASTA
polentapolenta: PASTA Optimal confidENce Transivitiy Alignment
polentaAACreate Objects of Class "polentaAA"
polentaAA-classAn S4 Class to represent Amino Acid Alignments with Quality...
polenta_devUltra-Large Multiple Sequence Alignment with PASTA
polentaDNACreate Objects of Class "polentaDNA"
polentaDNA-classAn S4 Class to represent DNA Alignments with Quality Scores
reappendScoresReappend Scores after Merging
reappendScores_devReappend Scores after Merging
reappendScores_gen_devReappend Scores after Merging
rev_DNAReverse DNA Sequences of class DNAbin or AAbin
scoresScore Calculation
spanningTreeSpanning Tree for PASTA
transitivityMergeTransitivity Merge
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