Man pages for immunogenomics/presto
Fast Functions for Differential Expression using Wilcox and AUC

collapse_countsCollapse counts based on multiple categorical metadata...
compute_hashCompute unique hash for each row of data.frame
exprsSmall gene expression matrix
object_sceSingleCellExperiment object with fake data
object_seuratSeurat V3 object with fake data
pipePipe operator
pseudobulk_deseq2Pseudobulk DESeq2
pseudobulk_one_vs_allPseudobulk one versus all
pseudobulk_pairwisePseudobulk pairwise
pseudobulk_withinPseudobulk within
summarize_dge_pairsSummarize differential gene expression pairs
top_markersGet top n markers from wilcoxauc
top_markers_ddsGet top n markers from pseudobulk DESeq2
wilcoxaucFast Wilcoxon rank sum test and auROC
yGroup labels for observations in gene expression matrix
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