NeveCalled: Breast Cancer aCGH data with CGHcall

Description Usage Format Value Source


Breast cancer aCGH data called with CGHcall with default settings, containing 2621 features and 50 samples




An object of class CGHcall


A list of two components: data frame with 54 variables and 2621 rows with the genotype data, and a vector containing the phenotype data.


Neve RM, Chin K, Fridlyand J et al. A collection of breast cancer cell lines for the study of functionally distinct cancer subtypes. Cancer Cell, 10:515-527, 2006. Gonzalez JR, Subirana I, Escaramis G, Peraza S, Caceres A, Estivill X and Armengol L. Accounting for uncertainty when assessing association between copy number and disease: a latent class model. BMC Bioinformatics, 2009;10:172.

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