dataMLPA: MLPA data

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This data set contains data from a MLPA assay for a case-control study. The data has intensities for two genes that can be used to infer copy number status. It also contains the TRUE copy number status obtained by using PCR technology.




dataMLPA is a data.frame with the following columns:

id The unique identifiers of individuals
casco Case-control stauts 0:control 1:case
Gene1 Intensities for Gene1
Gene2 Intensities for Gene2
PCR.Gene1 True copy number status for Gene1
PCR.Gene2 True copy number status for Gene2
quanti Simulated continuos variable. It was generated to illustrate how to perform association analysis between a CNV and continuous traits
cov Simulated continuous variable. It was generated to illustrate how to perform association adjusting for covariates


A data frame with 651 rows and 8 columns.


This data set was generated and kindly provided by Estivill's lab. The data is still unpublished and it has been made available in a blinded format for reproducing the findings presented in the paper


Gonzalez JR, Subirana I, Escaramis G, Peraza S, Caceres A, Estivill X and Armengol L. Accounting for uncertainty when assessing association between copy number and disease: a latent class model. BMC Bioinformatics, 2009;10:172.



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