Man pages for jmonlong/sQTLseekeR
Splicing QTL discovery tool

adonis.compCompute single F score
classify.eventsClassify splicing events
compFscoreF score computation
compPvalueP-values computation
compute.nullF score null distribution
hellingerDistHellinger distance computation
index.genotypeIndex the genotype file
md.transMaxDiff splicing ratios computation
nbDiffPtNumber of different splicing ratio points
permutest.betadisperBetadisper permutation hack
prepare.trans.expTranscript expression preparation
read.bedixRetrieve a subset of an indexed BED file.
relativizeRelative expression computation
sqtlssQTLs retrieval
sqtl.seekersQTL seeker
sQTLseekeR-packageSplicing QTL discovery tool
te.dispersionDispersion computation
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