Man pages for kieranrcampbell/embeddr
Laplacian eigenmaps & principal curves for pseudotemporal ordering of single-cell RNA-seq data

calculate_metricsCalculate metrics through pseudotime
cluster_embeddingCluster the resulting embedding
compare_modelsPerform likelihood ratio test
embeddrLaplacian eigenmaps embedding of single-cell RNA-seq data.
embeddr-packagePseudotemporal ordering of single-cell RNA-seq data using...
fit_null_modelFit the null pseudotime model
fit_pseudotimeFit the pseudotime curve
fit_pseudotime_modelFit the gene expression profile in pseudotime
fit_pseudotime_modelsGenerate a list of pseudotime models corresponding to ALL...
gene_pseudotime_testTest a single gene as a function of pseudotime
laplacian_eigenmapLaplacian eigenmaps
plot_embeddingPlot the cells in the embedding
plot_graphPlot the nearest neighbour graph in the embedding
plot_in_pseudotimePlot cells in pseudotime
plot_pseudotime_densityPlot density of cells in pseudotime
plot_pseudotime_metricsPlot metrics in pseudotime
plot_pseudotime_modelPlot the fit in pseudotime
predicted_expressionCreate a predicted expression matrix
pseudotimeRetrieve the pseudotime assignment from sce
pseudotime_testPseudotime gene testing
remove_pseudotimeremoves the pseudotime and low dimensional trajectory
reverse_pseudotimeReverse pseudotime
weighted_graphConstruct a weighted graph adjacency matrix
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