This is an R package to analize ecological networks, including multilayer networks, recently developed network metrics and also some old ones conveniently in the same place. Functions to read, plot and a big set of networks are also included in the package.




Read the example data included in the package


fileName <- c(system.file("extdata",  package = "multiweb"))
fileName <- system.file("extdata", "BarentsBoreal_FW.csv", package = "multiweb")
g <- readNetwork(fileName)

Read multiple interaction network in different layers as a list

fileName <- c(system.file("extdata",  package = "multiweb"))
dn <- list.files(fileName,pattern = "^Kefi2015.*\\.txt$")
g <- readNetwork(dn,fileName, skipColumn = 2)

Convert to mgraph type

gt <- igraph2mgraph(g,c("Negative","Positive","Antagonistic"))

Read multiple interaction network with a function

types <- c("Competitive","Mutualistic","Trophic")
gt <- readMultiplex(dn,types,fileName, skipColumn = 2)

Calculate QSS (quasi-sign-stability) for multiple interactions networks (mgraph)



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  2. Saravia, L. A., Marina, T. I., Kristensen, N. P., De Troch, M., & Momo, F. R. (2022). Ecological network assembly: How the regional metaweb influences local food webs. Journal of Animal Ecology, 91(3), 630–642.

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