Man pages for marcelschweiker/comfort_R
Functions for Thermal Comfort Research

calc2NodeCalculating Comfort Indices based on the 2-Node-Model
calcATHBCalculation of Adaptive Thermal Heat Balance Indices
calcAvgAccCalculating Average Accuracy between Predicted and Actual...
calcBiasCalculating the Bias between Predicted and Actual Thermal...
calcCOEFFCalculation of Coefficients for aPMV, ePMV, aPTS, ePTS
calcComfIndCalculating one or more Thermal Comfort Indices using a List...
calcdTNZCalculating dTNZ, the Distance from the Thermoneutral Zone
calcHbExSteadyCalculates Human Body Exergy Consumption Rate Using Steady...
calcHbExUnsteadyCalculates Human Body Exergy Consumption Rate using Unsteady...
calcHumidityCalculating Various Humidity Related Values
calcISO7933Calculating Heat Strain Indices based on ISO 7933
calcPMVadjCalculating Adjusted Predicted Mean Votes
calcPMVPPDCalculating PMV and PPD
calcPTSadjCalculating the Predicted Thermal Sensation based on 2-Node...
calcTAdaptCalculating Adaptive Comfort Temperatures or Neutral...
calcTNZPDFCalculating values related to TNZ approach
calcTPRTSVCalculating the True Positive Rate between Predicted and...
calcTroinCalculation of Radiative and Operative Temperature
comf-internalInternal Functions Used by Other Functions of this Package
comf-packageCalculation and Evaluation of Common and Less Common Comfort...
createCondCreating a List with Standard Values
cutTSVCategorizing Thermal Sensation Votes
dfASHRAETableG11Data from Table G1-1 of ASHRAE 55-2013
dfFieldData from Field Study Campaign
dfISO7730AppEAdjusted data from Appendix E of ISO 7730
dfISO7730TableD1Adjusted data from Table D1 of ISO 7730
dfISO7933AppFAdjusted data from Appendix F of ISO 7933
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