Man pages for metno/esd
Climate analysis and empirical-statistical downscaling (ESD) package for monthly and daily data

annualConversion to esd objects.
anomalyAnomaly and Climatology
asConversion to esd objects.
CCACanonical correlation analysis
CCICalculus Cyclone identification.
coherenceCoherence spectrum - cross-spectrum analysis
colbarColor bar
cyclonebudgetCalculate and plot the cyclone budget
dataSample data.
DSEDownscale monthly climate variables and parameters for...
DSensembleDownscale ensemble runs
EOFEmpirical Orthogonal Functions (EOFs).
esd2eleDictionary and conversion tools between esd element...
esd2ncdf4Export esd-objects to netCDF files
iid.testiid test
isTest for .
manualManual for esd
mapPlot maps for esd objects
map.trajectoryPlot trajectory maps
modelsCalibrated models.
MVRMulti-variate regression
OsloOslo monthly mean temperature time series
pcafillPCA-based missing-value filling
PCA.trajectoryPrinciple component analysis of trajectory objects.
plotPlot esd objects
predictPrediction based on DS or CCA model
rainequationRain equation
read.imilastRead cyclone data
retrieveRetrieve field data from a netcdf file.
rtoolsSimple and handy functions.
rtools_waterModel efficiency evaluation
scatter.hexbinProduce a binned scatter plot with a hexagon grid
scatter.sunflowerProduce a sunflower scatter plot with a hexagonal grid
spatialSpatial Average of a Field Object.
spellSpell statistics
SSASingular Spectrum Analysis
stationRetrieve meta data and data from observational weather...
station.metaWeather station metadata
subsetSubsetting esd objects
tableSummary showing summary of objects
testTest functions
track3-step cyclone tracking algorithm.
transformsVarious formulas, equations and transforms.
trendTrending and detrending data
vis.trendsVisualise trends for multiple overlapping periods
wcdwdaysProjection of hot and cold day statistics
WGWeather generators for conditioned on simulated climate...
windroseWind analysis
write2ncdfSaves climate data as netCDF.
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