Man pages for microsud/microbiomeutilities-shiny
microbiomeutilities: An R package with utility functions for the microbiome R package

biogeogutComparison of small intestine and stool microbiota
format_phyloseqFormatting the Phyloseq Object
format_to_besthitFormatting the Phyloseq Object advanced
get_microbiome_dataDownload test microbiome data
list_microbiome_dataList of available datasets
microbiome_pipelineMicrobiome analysis pipeline
percent_classifiedSummarize the percent taxa classification for phyloseq
phy_to_ldfConvert phyloseq object to long data format
plot_ordiplot_corePlotting core microibota on ordinations
plot_ReadDistributionDistribution of reads
plot_select_taxaplot_select_taxa plot selected OTUs of interest
plot_taxa_boxplotTaxonomic Composition Plot boxplot
plot_taxa_compositionTaxonomic Composition Plot
plot_taxa_cvCoefficient of variations
plot_taxa_heatmapHeatmap using phyloseq and pheatmap
theme_mutiltiessimple theme optimised for visual appeal and clarity
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